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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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In the lamplight, the withered leaves collect at my feet
Bookworm - smercy
*peeks in*


*clears throat*

Hello. Here I am. What's happening in my life? Not much, really. A sample of a conversation between me and the GIF:

Him: *holding the door open for me* It's the curse of being a bloke.
Me: That's nothing to the curse of being a woman.
Him: *pondering* That's very true.

I love it when people get my inferences without having to explain. It's so rare.

Three weeks ago I got a splinter in my foot during belly dancing class (and I was wearing socks!) and had to go to hospital. Because the people there weren't properly trained and they were going to let me dig out myself with a needle. Um, no, this is a part of my body that I use quite often, I think I'll get a professional. Fortunately, it was Wednesday night so the waiting room was almost deserted and I was only waiting about two minutes until my name was called. The doctor who treated me was pretty dishy as well, even if he was blond. His name was Alistair Maclean (isn't it sad that I still remember it?). I told him all about the time I injured my other foot (which was thirteen years ago) and had to have it stitched up. No stitches this time, just glue. I haven't had any trouble with it since, though I was rather paranoid during my first belly dancing class after that.

Went to see Pid this weekend. She's now moved to Acton (West London) and lives in a street full of Darling houses (how I imagine the Darling house in Peter Pan would look). The house she lives in is big and gorgeous and she is now occupying the biggest bedroom she's ever had in her entire life (this includes the room she had once she and her twin stopped sharing). Unfortunately she's not that happy because she's fallen in love with an emotionally unavailable man again. This is kind of a pattern for her, not surprising given her dad. (Not exactly the nicest man in the world; he once called her a slut because she'd got a stain on her school pinafore and I know this because it happened in front of me. Granted he meant that she looked dirty but I have no doubt he knew what she would think of that word.) And so a lot of the weekend was about her asking me what to do and me not saying much because the only person who can do anything about this is her. But the party she invited me to was great: lots of people in an artist's studio in Chelsea, more interested in talking than getting blind drunk. I knew there had to be people like that SOMEWHERE. We then drove back through London and I wished that I was living there. Not that I don't like Gloucester but I know people in London and there is so much more there. Ho hum

Currently trying to get kick-started on any creative project but winter is dragging me down. I'm on the earliest shift this week: 07:00 - 15:30. Have to get up at 5:15 am. Not exactly easy during these dark cold mornings. I'm thinking of getting an electric heater. It would be simpler to switch that on in the mornings than my gas one. I have to push the button in and then wait for more than a minute just to make sure it doesn't go out.

Recently saw The Namesake, which is a wonderful, moving film. Just bought (in reverse order): Order of the Phoenix, X-Men III, The Science of Sleep and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. X-Men III isn't bad, but it's not as good as 1 & 2. It feels like they killed off the most important characters just to be different from Bryan Singer and seriously, they treated Cyclops so badly.

So, talk to me. Let me know what's going on with you. :)

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Hello Darling! I'm off to hit the tub in a few, as my shoulder is killing me even though I've EFT'd it. The EFT helped, but not enough. A bath with essetial oils might do the trick. I hope. All well, and dreaming of a trip to London... 'night!

So, what's happening with you and GIF? I want to know more, but it does sound like you have a wonderful time together.

Good thing you got that splinter out - get yourself some soft dance shoes with leather soles, you'll still feel the floor, but won't get any splinters... Belly dancing sounds like fun, I've been thinking about it, but there're no courses here. *shrugs*

The silver lining of being on the earliest shift: You'll get to enjoy some daylight after work. And if you've a window to look out, you can catch the sunrise with a cuppa in the morning - at work.

Holiday planning - I'm just starting to make lists of all the cakes I need to bake, food preparations, gifts to be made, house stuff needing to be done... And with that effing shoulder, I can rest assured I won't be able to do half. Only the stuff where I don't need my right arm...

I should make a new entry about him because I'm finding out things about what's going on with his love life. It could be a soap opera.

I recommend belly dancing, if only for the fact I've had no period pain since I've started doing it. Bliss.

Well, that's just it, I sit away from the window and can't see the sunrise. :(

So what kind of dishes are traditional at Chrismas in Norway?

(Deleted comment)
Thanks. The inevitable happened today and I was late. *sigh* But I'm on a later shift next week, so it's not too bad.

I was going to say that 7:00-15:30 wasn't too bad, and then I saw what time you had to be up. Ouch. I wake up at 5:00, but I generally hit the snooze for an hour or so to get up about 6:00 to get to work by 7:00.

Hi! I've lost about 4 kg in a month and a half, and only once did I try belly dancing in that time. Hahaha... However, that's what's taken up most of my free time and creativity the past few months. And now that autumn and winter are rolling in, I'll probably be even less motivated to write. Too much holiday craziness to prepare for.

Get the electric heater and a timer. *nods* You can set the timer to start the heater shortly before you get up to warm up the room and then to turn off when you won't need it any more. I do this with the electric kerosene heater in my bedroom and it's wonderful! Highly recommended. ^-^

So how have you lost the weight? :) Congratulations on doing that.

Thanks for the idea about the electric heater! I'll talk to my dad.

*sigh* The hard way... Watching portion size and forcing myself to exercise even when I don't want to. I average about a half kg per week, though sometimes it's more. I am determined to go from 75 kg (approximate as of October 6) to 59 kg. If I keep up this pace, I should get there sometime in the late spring. ^-^ Of course, I'll plateau, and there's always the holiday feasts to mess me up, but even so, I would think by the end of next summer at the very latest I'll make it and can splurge a bit more again.

For exercise, I record a couple of programs off of FitTV (cable station): All Star Workouts and Namaste Yoga. That way, I get some variety. A little hiphop one day, some fitness ball the next, a bit of kickboxing the day after that, and then some resistance training with weights. One time, the lesson was belly dancing, hence my comment. ^-^ The yoga is only about 20 minutes long after I cut out the commercials, and that includes a warm up and cooldown, so it isn't a lot. But, it does work on my flexibility, and I can definitely use that. On Sundays, I usually just hit the gym after church (the local YMCA) for a weight check and 40 minutes or so on one of the cardio machines.

*reads back over long comment* LOL Sorry... You asked. It's one of my favorite subjects right now because I'm so focused on it. *smile*

Wait, wait. OotP was released there? Unfair.

Yes, it was released this Monday. It was made here and written here, I think we deserve that much. And don't come crying to me: you Yanks get House and Heroes first! :P

Cherie, you're back!
Ouch, I hope your foot feels better. As soon as I started reading that paragraph I was flashing back to Emily's Quest and started getting quite scared, but it sounds like it's all right.

Well, I just spent the last three months or so creating, rehearsing, and performing in an eight-minute skit of Peter Pan set in (loosely) modern times ("He's too sexy for his Hook so sexy just look...") I had only a minor line, but I got a laugh every time. We took it to a regional competition of 60something schools and got fourth place! :D Interested in seeing Youtube videos? (The piece that won first was a hilarious Harry Potter spoof... but you're more interested in Peter Pan, right??)
Family's getting a new dog, I'm applying to colleges, and I should be working on my essay for Pitzer right now. Ciao!

Oui, je reviens! :) Oh man, I hadn't even made that connection, but it really wasn't that bad! I say I was in casualty (which is what we call it here in the UK) and everybody goes O.O! then I tell them why and they're like "oh... that's okay then".

I WANNA SEE! Show me the video!

New dog? What kind? :3 A mongrel or a specific breed?

:DDD Well, there are two videos... I'll link to the one that's longer, but on the same page there's another video of the same scene that lets you see the actual scene better. I'm the one in the blue shirt with the short blackish curls (or, easier, the only one with short hair.)

And the dog is an Australian Shepherd, red merle, whom we'll call "Tip," after the song "It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary."

Another Australian Shepherd? Cool. :) You know that the original Tipperary is in Ireland, right?

Of course! Our male dogs are always named after Republic of Ireland counties -- Sligo, Skye, Limerick, Cork... and our females are named after Irish (or pseudo-Irish) songs, such as "Waltzin' Matilda" and "The Star of County Down," and now "It's a Long, Long Way to Tipperary."
How'd you like Peter Pan?

Bit difficult to see but I liked it!

Hey, Starsea, HelenH from SQ here. This is my lj pseudonym - too many Helen's out there - pah! Anyway, that party sounds cool, the house your friend lives in even more so. A Darling house? Fabulous! Remember to sleep with the windows open - my nephew does this (he's three!) because he wants Peter Pan to fly in and take him on an adventure. He's a very imaginative little boy. I'm stockpiling Harry Potter memorabilia for him for when he's older, hee hee, never mind what my sister says.
So, do you have any more parties lined up? Trips to the Darling house?
Oh, go and see Beowulf, btw!
xx Helen/Nell

Haha, well, if it wasn't so cold, I would! ;) He sounds like a lovely boy, save all the indoctrination equipment! *lol*

No more parties or trips to the Darling house lined up at the mo but watch this space.

Hi! Sucks that it's cold there. If I could, I'd send a package of island heat over to you. I'd probably be a billionaire if I could do that.

As for me, I'm trying to graduate. Hence why I've disappeared :P Hopefully, I'll have some writings next month during semester break.

Hope life goes well~ *waves*

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