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This is me trying to complete all the sm_monthly themes that I never quite got around to finishing: that's August 2006, (yes, more than a year ago) December 2006, and February of this year.

I'm starting with December, the shitennou month, since I've only got four themes left to do.

Title: Death Becomes You
Author: Starsea
Theme: Movie References
Genre: General/Comedy
Version: Manga (Crystal Tokyo)

Author’s Note: So just imagine that the LoTR trilogy got made despite Neo-Queen Serenity ascending the throne, because I can’t honestly see why she’d stop them making it, can you?

“Didn’t we already see this in the cinema?” Makoto asked with a sigh as she set out the bowls of popcorn.

“These are the Extended versions,” Isamu said, with an injured tone. “They’ve got more in them.”

“Why would we want to watch more?” Rei asked dryly.

“Like you weren’t cheering Eowyn on when she lopped the Witch King’s head off.”

Rei went red. “I was not!”

“You would have been on your feet if I hadn’t grabbed your arm,” Isamu added.

“Wait, you two went to the cinema together?” Ken asked, briefly distracted from arguing with Xavier about whether Sam had gone to the Western Lands or died with Rosie. (Ken maintained that Sam had stayed with Rosie but Xavier kept countering with the fact that Sam would want to see Frodo when he died.)

“My father had someone tailing us to prove we were a couple,” Rei said coolly. “We decided to give him some proof.” She could feel the other girls staring at her and glared at them. “What?”

“You two went to the cinema and it’s still standing?” said Minako with a smirk.

“For your information, I barely said a word during the whole film,” Isamu said with a virtuous expression. “All the commentary came from Rei-san.”

“Even so…” Makoto said, her mind on something different. “I wouldn’t call Return of the King a romantic film.”

“That’s exactly why she chose it,” Isamu said, glancing at Rei, who turned her head away. “Good film but nothing sentimental.”

“Except that kiss between Aragorn and Arwen.” Minako fanned herself. “Wooo!”

“Kiss? Don’t you mean eating her face off?” Makoto joked.

“Oh come on, Mako-chan, I know that I wasn’t the only one wishing I was Liv Tyler.”

Makoto blushed slightly but she didn’t deny it.

“I thought for one moment he was going to kiss Legolas,” said Ami, unexpectedly, and found them all staring at her. “What?”

Ken sighed. “When are people going to understand that it’s just friendship-?”

“I didn’t say that I wanted them to kiss!” Ami snapped. “I just thought for a moment…”

“Yeah, yeah,” Ken said, rolling his eyes. “If you say so – ow!” He glared at Xavier, who’d just jabbed him in the ribs. “What was that for?”

“A reminder for good behaviour,” Xavier said calmly, catching a swift smile from Ami and giving one back. Ken subsided, grumbling.

“Lights!” Isamu said, backing away as the DVD slid into the machine. Xavier got up and turned them down to their lowest setting, so they were in almost total darkness.

“Nice,” Minako said in appreciation.


“Shhh!” Isamu and Rei said at the same time. They were both leaning forward, eyes fixed on the screen. The similarity of posture was not missed but nobody was willing to mention it, not even Minako.

“You just like this movie because of the walking dead,” Ken said in amusement an hour or so later.

“Yup,” Isamu said, grinning. “I only watched the first two movies because I knew what was coming in this one.”

“I thought you liked the sword,” said Rei, glancing at him in surprise.

“Oh, it’s all about the sword,” Isamu agreed, glancing at her with a slight smile. She held his gaze for a moment and then turned back to the screen, moving her shoulders as if they were stiff.

“Large possibility of death,” Minako murmured, watching them, “small chance of success: what are you waiting for?”
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