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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Spring - luna_ann

You may all post to tell me how wonderful I am. Carrie, I'm really wondering what your present is... ;)

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Heh, not too many in writing... I actually started writing fanfic with Sailor Moon, and that was only... three years ago? Wow. Doesn't seem like that long.

Fandoms, fandoms... I haven't read much HP, I'm sorry to tell you. And I apparently live in the past, because all I can think of is old stuff like Cardcaptor Sakura, Macross/Southern Cross/Genesis Climber Mospeda/Robotech, Starblazers, and Captain Harlock. Hmmm... Black Jewels Trilogy would be interesting (Anne Bishop), though the author has asked people not to play in her playground. Velgarth (Mercedes Lackey), B&B ships (Anne McCaffery), Talents (Anne McCaffery), maybe something on the lighter side in David Weber's Honor Harrington or Terran Empire series. Classic Doctor Who (like third, fourth, or fifth Doctor, though I might could fake first or second). Fushigi Yuugi, maybe. Classic Battlestar Galactica (the 1970s show).

Haha, noticing a trend there? I could also try to come up with something original in the science fiction/fantasy/general range. ^-^

Summer in Canada... Well, at least of a garden in Toronto during the summer. *wink* From when Ree and her crew visited me this past July. And some city shots, I think, from when my J and I went there last summer. I have some pictures of a Canadian medieval-style castle, too. Flowers. I can send you pictures of flowers and trees. ^-^ What's your favorite flower or flowering tree?

OMG. Fifth Doctor story please!! :D

I love jacaranda trees, roses, jasmine and anything small and colourful.

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