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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Autumn - sunlitdays

You may all post to tell me how wonderful I am. Carrie, I'm really wondering what your present is... ;)

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Gratulerer med dagen!

Happy birtday, sweetie! And do you really need me to tell you how wonderful you are? Guessed not. ;) You are. *big, big hugs* Have a glorious day, will it even be in the presence of a certain Mr.Wonderful??

Re: Gratulerer med dagen!

Wow, 'Happy Birthday' in Norwegian! Dagen means 'day', right? :) Tak!

*hugs you back*

Mr Wonderful was there, and sat by me during our morning break, wished me Happy Birthday and made me laugh lots. *happy sigh*

Happy Birthday! How thoughtful of you to make a post on your lj so we could all gather together and tell you what a wonderful writer and kind friend you are! I hope this year will bring all sorts of new adventures and happiness. I'm having a party at the Burrow next week on my lj. Your name will be one of those on the cake. Lots of Libras on my flist! *Hugs*

Hee, yes, I'm so thoughtful. ;3 *basks in praise* And you were a teacher, so your compliments on my writing mean a LOT! I hope this year brings all sorts of adventures, too!

Burrow Party! :D Do you know that before I discovered on-line communities, I only knew ONE other Libra in my life? Thank God for the Internet. Of course, we're so cool. We've got Flitwick and the fabulous McGonagall to represent us.

Happy birthday! And you are wonderful!!!

Aww, thank you, Katie! And what a pretty icon! ^.^

Happy birthday, Xing!

- Yumeko -

Happy birthday!!! *throws confetti*

*is showered with confetti*

Thank you! ^^

Happy Birthday to my psychic twin! :D Hope you have an amazing day!

Thanks, twin! :D It was a pretty good day. The guy I like sat next to me at break and was quite attentive and made me laugh and other girly stuff.

Oh good. I didn't miss it. ^-^

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! *bear hug*

*goes away to plot out a good gift, but gets distracted by work once more*

A gift? *ears prick up* What gift? :3 ;)

*hugs you back*

Thank you!

Happy Birthday! Don't forget to have fun! ^.^

Hee, thank you. ^.^ And thanks so much for your present!

(Deleted comment)
Happy birthday! I'm glad I didn't miss it - haven't been keeping up with my flist recently.

Aww *hugs* You've been busy, we know that. Hope your speech went well.

Oh, happy birthday! It seems I never talk to you anymore, you're never online now! I miss our musings in French and our analysis of Harry Potter. I hope the day is wonderful, even though as I type this it's already three hours over.
Joyeaux Anniversaire! (C'est joyeaux, oui? Si non, bon.)

Well, I don't have the internet at home at the moment, so I can't be on late into the night, which is when you generally sign on. ;)

Bonne Anniversaire is the usual phrase. It's 'Joyeux Noël'. But I'm sure you could say 'Joyeuse Anniversaire' if you wished. :)

Very happy birthday to you! I hope it's wonderful with lots of great presents!

Thank you~! *hugs* No presents as yet, they're arriving tomorrow (Sunday). My sister sent one, but it had to be signed for, and of course I was at work, so I have to go and collect it. *sigh*

Happy belated Birthday!!

I hope you had a great day and were celebrated accordingly.
Wish you all the best.

Thanks, Sandra. :) Hope you're well?

aw... I'm late

anyway... HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Starsea-sama!

*brings tiramisù*

Never mind, the tiramisu makes up for that! *dives into it* Mmm, yum. :3

Happy Birthday! Hope you have lots of nice things!

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