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The sweet turning sour and untouchable

I realise I haven't been here in a while and I know that people want to know what's going on in my life, but it's a bit difficult to describe. The tangible facts, first: I've signed up for belly dancing classes, which start this Wednesday, and singing classes, which start this Tuesday. I met someone from the Alps in the Tourist Centre, and we spoke French, so I have to see her again somehow. Went to see the doctor about the rash on my legs and apparently it's a bacteria that infects hair follicles, so now I have some spots (which were filled with pus, but I squeezed them and cleaned them out with TCP, which pretty much did for the bacteria, I think). Am currently putting E45 on it, which seems to be working, despite the doctor's disparagement. I have to start shaving again, my legs are so hairy that you can actually see the hair now (and that's normally difficult because I am a natural blonde), I don't care what they say. I've been picked for special training at work (chairing Q&A sessions), so I think they'll be keeping me on. There's a guy at work that I think might like me, but I'm so inexperienced at this kind of thing. (Plus, for those who know a bit about astrology, he's a Gemini, so I can't exactly be sure if he's serious or just flirting with me for fun.) Still, he makes me laugh and it always cheers me up to talk with him, so I might have to make a move of some sort soon, and get myself out of this rut. My housemate Iveta's son came to stay the night before going back to university in Slovakia. I first saw him when I came out of the bathroom, not wearing my glasses, so his face was blurry, but the second time... oh my God, girls, too pretty for words. Indie rock god pretty. I sat in the room with him, watching Independence Day, thinking, "Man, it should be illegal to be this good looking." Wish I could have got a photo of him but don't have a camera and would have difficulty thinking up an excuse. "Oh, just wanted to preserve your perfection for posterity." Yeah, that would go down well. X3 I'll try and get one off Iveta somehow...

I am currently writing: Difference III: Rich and Poor for gilpin25 and godricgal and some stories for sm_monthly, as well as Chapter 7 of Exiles. Sadly, the beginning I wrote about before, which pleased me so much, has been lost because of corruption. The disc still lets me open all the other files, just not that one, so I had to start all over again.

Currently obssesed with: My Skin by Natalie Merchant (see title of this entry); 1973 by James Blunt (this reminds me of Takehiko, no idea why); and Hey There, Delilah by Plain White Ts.

Any questions? :)
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