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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

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Fruits Basket *SPOILER*
Bookworm - smercy
If you have only seen the anime or haven't read beyond vol. 15, do not carry on!

Just got the latest volume of Fruits Basket today. Oh my God. The Sohma family put the 'dys' in 'dysfunctional', I kid you not. I already knew Akito was female but as for the rest: Shigure slept with Ren, because Akito slept with Kureno, but Akito really wanted to sleep with Shigure... no wonder Shigure enjoys being around innocent Kyô, Tohru and Yuki after all that shit. o_O

Uo and Hana are awesome as usual. Rin has probably got herself in trouble again. Is it November yet? ;_;

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I was so upset reading the Kureno and Tohru scene... and leaving her and her crying and then her keeping all the secret and it hurting and Shigure knowing... argh!

I think that maybe the first time that a member of the Sohma family who isn't Akito or Hiro has been cruel to Tohru. Of course, we know it absolutely tore him up to do that. :/

I love Megumi! I love how he says "I love older women" and Hana says "Somehow, coming from you... that's disturbing". Did you notice he's got black nail polish too?! *lol*

No, of course I don't mind you commenting! :)


I know it must have hurt him to do so as well your right I don't think he really wanted to leave her there all alone and crying but he had to let her know.. and to ignore his own want for Akito that shows he is a deeply caring person... like Uo says kinda like Tohru but him actually doing it.

And Shigure just letting her go yet knowing what is to come... I like Shigure I really do but it sometimes seems that as long as he gets his desired result the rest can burn.
But Kureno I do have great sympathy for him what do you think would have happened if he hadn't stayed by her side?

Oh yeah lol and his 'I'm surronded by older woman how exciting' comment hehe he is amusing. And how Hana says they don't look alike lol and no I didn't but just looked now lol so loyal to his sister =)

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