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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

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Fruits Basket *SPOILER*
Bookworm - smercy
If you have only seen the anime or haven't read beyond vol. 15, do not carry on!

Just got the latest volume of Fruits Basket today. Oh my God. The Sohma family put the 'dys' in 'dysfunctional', I kid you not. I already knew Akito was female but as for the rest: Shigure slept with Ren, because Akito slept with Kureno, but Akito really wanted to sleep with Shigure... no wonder Shigure enjoys being around innocent Kyô, Tohru and Yuki after all that shit. o_O

Uo and Hana are awesome as usual. Rin has probably got herself in trouble again. Is it November yet? ;_;

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The Sohmas are definitely dysfunctional. *laughs*

I was spoiled for all of that, but it was still a little shocking to actually see it with my own eyes. Ren is really something, isn't she?

(Although I have to say the prize for the most convoluted link of relationships probably goes to Someday's Dreamers: Spellbound. Eight people, most of whom are crushing on people in the group who are actually in love with somebody else!)

And I still hate the Shigure/Akito pairing even after reading the last volume. Shigure deserves to be in love with somebody better than her.

*glomps Shigure*

Ren is messed up. *nod* I'm reading Spellbound at the moment, man, that's confusing. @_@ I like some unrequited love but seriously...

Oh dude, the pairing is so twisted. That scene had so many layers to it that it made my head spin. Akito as confused girl; Akito as abused child; Akito as spoiled "how dare you do what I do to other people!" child. Shigure as Mr. Schemer; Shigure as a sweet teenager; Shigure being emotionally honest (talk about surprise). My favourite part was probably when Akito suddenly turned into a girl and kissed Shigure, because that was SO like a woman. I could hardly keep from rolling my eyes.

And Kyô is ADORABLE! Plus, I'm more convinced than ever that Machi likes Yuki.

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