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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Autumn - sunlitdays
Written for the "Smut" challenge on sm_monthly

Title: Moonlight Tryst
Author: sea_thoughts aka Starsea
Theme: Smut
Genre: Adult
Version: Manga?
Rating: R

Rei was having a strange but pleasant dream. Hands sliding over her, stroking her skin, causing her to writhe.

A voice breathed her name. “Rei-chan...”

Her eyes flew open.

No dream.

“What are you doing?” she said in a terrified whisper, turning her head to look into Minako’s blue eyes.

“Shh… you’ll wake the others up.” Minako’s hand slid down, over the slight curve of the belly and between the smooth thighs, finding hot wet flesh. Her fingers began to stroke and tease.

Rei’s eyes fluttered and she gasped, her mouth opening in silent pleasure, dark eyelashes fanning out on her cheek. Minako watched her with greedy eyes, the cheeks so pink and white, lips so red. Delectable. She bit into the curve of Rei’s shoulder, heard the choked moan in the delicate throat and smiled to herself. Then she rose and straddled the other girl without slowing down her caresses, pulling the straps of Rei’s nightdress down so she could nuzzle and kiss the perfect breasts waiting there, nipples pink and ripe like raspberries.

Desperate, Rei grabbed a handful of the flaxen hair and pulled Minako’s head up to hers. They kissed silently, fiercely, as Rei’s hand found its way under Minako’s nightdress. Minako pressed against her eagerly and their fingers found a rhythm, faster and faster, until they swallowed each other’s moans of delight.

Two girls lying together in the moonlight, licking each other’s fingers, legs entwined.

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It's quite corny, but I thought it suited the drabble. :)

Short but very sweet, I really like it. Though I would have liked to know the enviroment they were in. If the girls were in the same room but asleep, their reactions and the reactions of Rei trying not to wake up the others with her moans or Minako's moans would have added to the excitement of the story. Thats just my opinion though, I liked the story very much.

I love these themes :P

Thank you! ^^ It was just something I dashed out. The other girls are sleeping in the room with them, I just didn't put that in. Constructive criticism was appreciated. ;)

Hehehe... a better fic would be if Ami woke up and heard this!!


*thinks evil naughty thoughts*

Star-chan, this is such a great story... this is the SPAWN-ER of most future smut from me... kukuku

I deny any responsibility for that, Jules. It's your sick mind.

Tehehe, this makes me smile and blush in unison. ^_^

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