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Sunday = Day of Sunshine

So a week on Sunday I went up to Paddington for the Innocent Village Fete. Innocent is a company that makes fresh smoothies here in the UK (just crushed fruit, no concentrate) and their Guava/Mango/Goji Berry smoothie is my new favourite drink ever. I phoned up my friend Lydia on Saturday and she was immediately up for it. Unfortunately, Sunday is the unofficial Day of Engineering Works in the UK, so I had to get a bus to Cheltenham and then a train to Swindon. The train from Swindon was slightly late and so the train to Paddington left just as we arrived. The football fans who were going to the Man United/Chelsea football match were not happy. I upgraded to first class on the Paddington train just so I could get away from them (they were already singing Puppy Love). I sat opposite a lady from Oregon and we talked about the Cotswolds. I got the train to Baker Street (where Matthew lives) and met Lydia there. The fete was in Regent's Park, but first we sat on the riverside and caught up and put on our sun cream (because I'm too pale to go without and when I'm with her, she's sensible) then wandered up. The tickets were only £5 (which is incredibly CHEAP for London) and then we just wandered around taking in the bands (free music!) and the food. There were free tasting stands for all the Innocent smoothies and if you visited all four, you got your card stamped and entered into a draw for a year's supply of smoothies. I converted Lydia to my favourite smoothie and bought myself a pie, a Heidi pie: red onion, goat's cheese, potato for the filling, with gravy. Yes, it was blazing hot, but there you go! Lovely pie. Later, I had a gourmet steak sandwich for tea, which was also delicious. I also bought some proper cider (which was expensive, but they put it in a massive glass, so I only drank half). Have no fear, Mums on my List (maybe I should make that an abbreviation? MOML? Almost 'MOM'!), I drank water for most of the day and we rested under the shade. There were fairground rides (a Helter Skeltzer and a carousel!) but Lydia and I went on a swing ride (swings fly out to the side as it gets faster). I absolutely loved it. Lydia entered a book raffle draw in the Penguin tent and WON! It was a £1 per ticket, she only bought one, people were buying loads and she actually won! What did she win? TEN FREE BOOKS! All the bookworms here (and I think nearly everyone on my friends list is a bookworm or at least enjoys reading) will understand how fabulous that is! I was more excited than her, but she was in shock and kept repeating afterwards, "I WON!" Made me smile. The journey back was long and I was stuck in the carriage with yet more football fans (Man U won, of course) so I put on my sunglasses and pretended to be asleep. To be fair to them, they didn't bother me and some of the songs they sang were pretty funny but my God, I'm glad I'm not from Liverpool.
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