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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Water, Water, Everywhere!
Autumn - sunlitdays
Just to let everyone know that I might be a bit absent for the next week as my house has no water or electricity and I might not get water back for another two weeks. Fun, fun.

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As long asyou have DH to read as you're sitting on your roof waiting to be rescued...

*is naughty*

Welcome to the Natural Disaster Club =) I'm a charted member- Ihave 6 hurricanes and numerous other storms under my belt =D

Yeah, I think I have a long way to go before I become a chartered member. ;)

Oh no! I'll say prayers for it not to get that dire! Take care!

Oh God, I didn't know you were in Gloucestershire. I've just been watching it on the news. We're in Worcestershire and, fortunately, several miles away from the city centre which is appalling. One set of friends has had to move out of their home.

So sorry.

I just moved here to work and I'm half-tempted to move back again. -_-

Ouch! Plish plosh plish plosh... It's wet here too, though thankfully no flood! *hugs* You hang in there, we'll be here when you get back.

*hugs back* We'll get through this.

... hon? *Hugs* That worries me just a little. Can you please try and at least send me a text message to let me know you're okay?!

Don't have your mobile number, but I am okay. ^^

(Deleted comment)
Can't, I have to work! If it was uni or school, maybe, but this is adult life. -_- Wish I could.

Oh, no! I've been reading about those horrible storms! I hope the water will subside soon. Stay safe. *hugs*

*hugs back*

Thanks. They're not really storms, just lots and lots of heavy rain (we had two months' worth in ONE day) combined with living by a big river (the Severn, which divides Wales from England).

I live on the second and third floors of my house, so I'm worried more about travelling than anything else.

(Deleted comment)
No, just two months' rain in one day. ^^; We've actually got the electricity back now, but they're saying it might take THREE weeks to get full water restored. :/

OH! I hope you're okay, I saw the waterfootage- I hope you and your stuff is okay, and you get your water and electricity back! *hugs you*

*hugs back*

I'm okay. The electricity is back, but don't know when the water will return.

*hugs* That is awful. Even when I was without power last fall, at least I had water. And natural gas for cooking and heat. I hope everything comes back faster than they predict and that you didn't lose anything precious. Keep safe and dry!

Yeah, we've got gas for heating and some cooking, but it's summer, so we don't actually have to worry about the heat too much. We also have the electricity back now. :) *hugs*

Electricity is good. Water is better, especially if you have gas for cooking. I am a tea addict, so that is my unwavering belief. That, and somehow being clean usually seems to make things feel better even when they're not.

Haha, my power outage was caused by an early snowstorm in October. Gas for heat was definitely more of a concern then.

Good luck on getting your water back earlier. 3 weeks is harsh. And be careful going out into the flood waters. Who knows what bacteria is trying to get into you. *shudders* Boil everything.

Water would be nice, but at least we can conserve our food now. :P And I can listen to my music and type on my computer, which keeps me happy. And maybe I mislead you, but the flood waters aren't around my street, or where I'm working, just the outskirts at the moment. And if I actually *had* a water supply, I'd boil it. ;)

Hmm... Conserving food is a good point. I had snow packs for that. And, fortunately, I had not quite made it grocery shopping before the storm hit so I didn't have a lot of meat in the freezer. I heard one person who called into the news radio station say that he and his roomate had spent US$400 on meat not four hours before they lost power. *wince* That had to hurt. The talk show host was recommending that he set up the grill and feed the neighborhood.

No real flooding for you? Oh good. No, you didn't give that impression. That's just what I saw in the on-line news report just before I typed my last message. Brought back memories of Hurricane Katrina. Which is odd as I was clear across the country and not impacted by that, hahaha.

Even if it didn't impact on you directly, images like that take a long time to leave your mind, especially given the destruction that Katrina caused.


I hope you'll be ok. I understand how crappy flooding is, as it happened a couple weeks ago over here. A lot of stuff got ruined in my bags, not to mention I was soaked to the bone. And this was with an umbrella.

But you have to think positively about this. If worse comes to worse, you could always use your brand-new Book 7 as a flotational device...


I don't even have an umbrella anymore, I left it on the train going to my parents' house. >.<

Haha, I could do that but I wouldn't want to.

Oh I'm sorry! I'm guessing you are one of those suffering from the floods? I hope your house isn't too directly affected. We had floods in my townn a while back... luckily I wasn't affected but a lot of people had their homes flooded and took years to recover. *Hugs* I hope you and your loved ones are OK and get your water and electicity back soon!

Indirectly, as I have no water supply, but otherwise I'm pretty lucky. And I live on the first and second floors of the house anyway. :) *hugs* My parents are fine, they're in a different county and live on a hill anyway.

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