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Answers to Song Meme

So here are the rest of the answers to my song meme, i.e. the ones that nobody guessed.

2. Don't let yourself be hurt this time... - Falling by Julee Cruise from the Twin Peaks soundtrack. I must admit, I thought someone might get this.

4. Another aimless day, another useless night... - Tyre Tracks and Broken Hearts from Whistle Down The Wind

6. Feel a little hand turning inside me. - Ruby Through The Looking Glass by Tori Amos

8. I'm dancing in the shadows of life... - Right Beside You by Sophie B. Hawkins. Quite obscure though it was a big hit in the early 90s.

9. I feel so far away from love/Cause I could never get enough. - This One's For You by Ed Harcourt. Again, obscure; British singer/songwriter who hasn't crossed over.

11. Happiness is just a word to me... - Gotta Knock A Little Harder by The Seatbelts, people!

12. Come outside and see a brand new day. - Se La Vida E by The Pet Shop Boys.

18. In the club with my homies, trying to get a little V-I, keep it down on the low key... - Yeah by Usher, thought someone might recognise this.

19. I wanna take a walk, rain cloud, coat on... - Through The Glass by Thirteen Senses. Okay, this was obscure, but I didn't pick 'em, remember?
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