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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Autumn - sunlitdays
Since jules1278 nudged me and since I have good news:


It's in Gloucester (yeah, I end up going west instead of east, go figure) with Intercall, a company that sets up video, audio and web conferences. I will be an Operator, who connects people to the conferences and fields their enquiries. Now I'm looking for a room or a flat to share that's close enough to where I work for convenient travel, since I start on the twenty-fifth, that's right, a week on Monday.

I'm so happy to be getting out of this house and to have my foot on the first rung of the job ladder. I only hope that this won't turn out to be as painful as Luxembourg.


Yay!! I'm so happy for you! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way for a good work experience!

I'm happy too, it's only just starting to sink in! And thanks for the positive thoughts. :)

CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome news that I am very happy to hear. Go you!

Thanks, and I hope you hear some good news on the job front soon. *hugs* By the way, who won Any Dream Will Do?

WOOHOO!! Congrats, star-chan!

I hope to be as lucky!!!

I hope you are, too! (Animatrix LOVE)

Yay! It was just a matter of time! Keep us posted as you move and settle in. *hugs*

*hugs back*

I will, I'll probably be looking for a lot of love from my on-line friends as I get settled in. I'm looking for a flat with broadband so I can stay in touch with everyone.

(Deleted comment)


I've never been to Gloucester ;)

So this means that the next time you're in the UK, I will be having a visitor? ;)

(Deleted comment)




Yay! :D :D :D

*giggles* I'll be on shift like you.




what do you want as a celebration present?

Oh, um, I'm not sure. I'll have to think about that. ^^;

Yay for the job! If it is enough to support a place to live and all the other niceties of life, it is good enough for a start. ^-^ I was hoping that was what the nervous/hopeful feelings were about! Congratulations!!

Haha, you noticed? Yeah, I was keeping my fingers crossed. Thanks!

Congratulations! It is so nice to start your own life, in your own flat (even with flatmate, hope you find a good one!), with your own money. Taking on all the responsibilities that come with it, and enjoying the freedom to mould your own life.

Big hugs!

Thanks, Ana. I can't wait to live in my own flat and get back to my own way of living. :)

Congratulations! That's wonderful news, well done you :)

Thanks! I don't know how this will affect the programme recording on 28 June, I might have to just send you your ticket. :(

Wonderful! Congratulations!
Gloucester? Just watch out for any vengeful hunchbacks roaming around, muttering in iambic pentameter. Especially if he's coming back from a funeral.
(Why isn't it spelled the way it's pronounced? Where is the missing syllable? In a pub somewhere?)
But what does it matter - you've a job! :D :D :D

Heh, well, Richard III didn't actually come from Gloucester, he was just Earl of Gloucester. He was actually born in Yorkshire and was part of the 'York' faction in the Wars of the Roses, along with his older brother, Edward IV. 'Gloucester' was his official title but he was mainly connected to the city of York (and was a very good ruler, they still have fond memories of him today). I know, it's confusing.

I don't know why it's not pronounced in 'Gloucester', it's pronounced in Chichester, Cirencester, but not in Leicester (Lester) or Leicestershire. Probably because it's easier to say 'Gloster' and 'Lester' than put the extra syllable in after the vowel.