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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Luxembourg Photos!
Spring - luna_ann
Hello everyone!

Finally, six months after they were taken, my father has uploaded the photos he took of Luxembourg. So you finally get to see some of the things I saw every day. :D

Front of my flat - the two windows on the upper left were my living room/dining room windows. The window below them belongs to my laundry room, which also had a ping-pong table (sadly, I never got to use it). The window in the centre of the wing looks onto the stairwell. The tiny port hole above it was for Martje's room (she also had a skylight at the back, so she wasn't totally in the dark! The one to the right (before you get to the tower) was opposite my office. ^_^

View from my left front window - isn't it gorgeous?

View from my right front window - onto the side grounds where the refugee house was.

Christmas Market 1, Christmas Market 2, Christmas Market 3 - photos that Dad took of the market that was on in the Place d'Armes (Weapons Square!) in the capital city.

William II Statue 1, William II Statue 2 - pictures of the statue in Place Guillaume II (William II Square), the town square of Luxembourg City, where they have the hôtel de ville (town hall.

Grand -Ducal Palace from Rue de la Reine (Queen Street) - In Luxembourg, they don't have a Prince or King, they have a Grand Duke (or Grand Duchess), which is why its official title is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Balcony of the Grand-Ducal Palace (coat of arms), Balcony of the Grand-Ducal Palace 2 (buttresses) - some details of the façade of the palace.

The Guard - because it's the royal residence, the palace always has two soldiers on guard outside it, like Buckingham Palace in London. Sadly, they do not have those furry hats that I know you Americans love so much. ;)

The right side of the Palace

Parliament - the door to the Luxembourg Parliament building, which is right next to the Grand-Ducal Palace (so much more organised, isn't it?).

Parliament façade - looking up Rue du Marché aux Herbes (Herb Market Street) past the Parliament and Grand-Ducal Palace buildings

Octagonal church spire - Luxmebourg is a Catholic country, so they're allowed to be decorative.

Ministry of Finance - The front door of the Ministry of Finance, which faces onto the Place Clairefontaine (Poor Clares Square).

Place Clairefontaine - that's Nôtre Dame Cathedral in the background (the less famous one) and the statue is that of the Grand Duchess Charlotte, whose tact and grace allowed Luxembourg to continue as a constitutional monarchy. During her exile in London during WWII, she became a great focus of national unity, and holds a cherished place in the nation's hearts. For more info, please see this page! The square is named after a convent of the Poor Clare order that originally stood on the site.

Pensive Trainee - yours truly looking thoughtful and rather fat in the face! I'd just washed my hair, it's usually much brighter and lighter

Government Buildings - this tiny square houses most of the government buildings of Luxembourg, hence the coat of arms and the flags (the red, white & blue is the national flag, the dark blue one that of the EU).

In Motion - me again, on Rue de la Reine, walking towards Place Guillaume II. I like this photo much better, I look European and you can even sort of see my cheekbones in the face. My cheeks are red because it was very cold!

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You most certainly are sanguine. ;)

European dame! I like that. I think that might be my new LJ name.

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