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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Luxembourg Photos!
Autumn - sunlitdays
Hello everyone!

Finally, six months after they were taken, my father has uploaded the photos he took of Luxembourg. So you finally get to see some of the things I saw every day. :D

Front of my flat - the two windows on the upper left were my living room/dining room windows. The window below them belongs to my laundry room, which also had a ping-pong table (sadly, I never got to use it). The window in the centre of the wing looks onto the stairwell. The tiny port hole above it was for Martje's room (she also had a skylight at the back, so she wasn't totally in the dark! The one to the right (before you get to the tower) was opposite my office. ^_^

View from my left front window - isn't it gorgeous?

View from my right front window - onto the side grounds where the refugee house was.

Christmas Market 1, Christmas Market 2, Christmas Market 3 - photos that Dad took of the market that was on in the Place d'Armes (Weapons Square!) in the capital city.

William II Statue 1, William II Statue 2 - pictures of the statue in Place Guillaume II (William II Square), the town square of Luxembourg City, where they have the hôtel de ville (town hall.

Grand -Ducal Palace from Rue de la Reine (Queen Street) - In Luxembourg, they don't have a Prince or King, they have a Grand Duke (or Grand Duchess), which is why its official title is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Balcony of the Grand-Ducal Palace (coat of arms), Balcony of the Grand-Ducal Palace 2 (buttresses) - some details of the façade of the palace.

The Guard - because it's the royal residence, the palace always has two soldiers on guard outside it, like Buckingham Palace in London. Sadly, they do not have those furry hats that I know you Americans love so much. ;)

The right side of the Palace

Parliament - the door to the Luxembourg Parliament building, which is right next to the Grand-Ducal Palace (so much more organised, isn't it?).

Parliament façade - looking up Rue du Marché aux Herbes (Herb Market Street) past the Parliament and Grand-Ducal Palace buildings

Octagonal church spire - Luxmebourg is a Catholic country, so they're allowed to be decorative.

Ministry of Finance - The front door of the Ministry of Finance, which faces onto the Place Clairefontaine (Poor Clares Square).

Place Clairefontaine - that's Nôtre Dame Cathedral in the background (the less famous one) and the statue is that of the Grand Duchess Charlotte, whose tact and grace allowed Luxembourg to continue as a constitutional monarchy. During her exile in London during WWII, she became a great focus of national unity, and holds a cherished place in the nation's hearts. For more info, please see this page! The square is named after a convent of the Poor Clare order that originally stood on the site.

Pensive Trainee - yours truly looking thoughtful and rather fat in the face! I'd just washed my hair, it's usually much brighter and lighter

Government Buildings - this tiny square houses most of the government buildings of Luxembourg, hence the coat of arms and the flags (the red, white & blue is the national flag, the dark blue one that of the EU).

In Motion - me again, on Rue de la Reine, walking towards Place Guillaume II. I like this photo much better, I look European and you can even sort of see my cheekbones in the face. My cheeks are red because it was very cold!

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LOL- you weren't kidding about the castle, were you? It's a freakin CHATEAU! *loves it* You must've felt like Princess Buttercup or something. :)

I felt very grand, yes. Dad took those photos specifically to annoy Helen, my little sister, who was living in a tiny room that looked out onto a road, and sharing a house with four other people.

thank you for sharing!!

Those pictures are amazing. And it's probably as close as I'll ever get to getting there. :(

You're welcome! I'm so glad that my nagging finally worked and Dad uploaded them. ^_^

Thanks so much for the tour of Luxenbourg! It looks just as you described. And I'm so glad to finally see a picture of you! You are so pretty with that English rose complexion and your even features and gorgeous hair! And no wonder your cheeks were red - it does look cold!

You're gonna make me blush, Mary! I don't get called 'pretty' that often.

Someday I'll post a picture of my hair dry and actually brushed. Yeah, I'm really pale, haha. Daniel Radcliffe and I have that in common, which is why I was so mad when people were saying he needed to get a tan. You don't need to be brown to look good. Grr.

It's nice to know you think my hair looks gorgeous!

Uh. Don't talk to me about tans. For years I was given that "beauty advice" and since I stayed out of the sun, my skin is in good shape. And you should do the same!

For years I was given that "beauty advice" and since I stayed out of the sun, my skin is in good shape. And you should do the same!

Really? That's great to know, thanks for the advice. :D

Wow! A picture of what you actually look like! *squeee* (And what a view from the left front window. That's a view that you can look out at day after day.)
Wait... these pictures were taken December 2, 2006? That was my birthday!!

Aaah, Europe.

Excellent. :D I love Sagittarians. :D

What can we say? We're sanguine. :D

And you look like a perfect European dame.

You most certainly are sanguine. ;)

European dame! I like that. I think that might be my new LJ name.

Beautiful pictures - where did you live i Lux, and why were you there? I obviously need to skim your old posts for hints. It's a beautiful country. Oh, after watching these pictures I know I need to go, I haven't been there for 5 1/2 years. I need to give the kids the sense of wonder at that country that I had. My aunt and uncle lives there, and one of my cousins. I should definitely bring my kids to Vianden, especially now that I hear they've secured the wells. (They were open when I first visited, my brother was about five, running high and low - and my mum was scared stiff when she saw the wells. Unsecured, apart from a grid 5 m down. *shudders* Not that anything ever happened...)

And you, my dear, you look lovely! Don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

If you click on the 'luxembourg' tag at the top of my post, you'll be taken to the other entries about it. Basically, I got a traineeship to go and work for two months at the CVCE, an organisation that is working on translating the history about the EU from its inception (when it was the European Coal and Steel Community). It was basically paid work experience. ^_^

And it's great to meet someone else who's been there! It's a shame we didn't know each other when I was in Luxembourg, I could have visited them. ^^

Thank you for the compliments. ^^

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