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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Spain Seminar
Spring - luna_ann

SQUEE! I love the name Achaean. (I tried twice and got a golden ocelot each time.) We'll see if you change him. ;)

Today I went to a seminar in London about Living and Working in Spain. There was lots of useful information about what you need to emigrate to work there and the fact that there is a huge British ex-pat community working there, which was not a surprise. What was interesting however was that 25% of this community was self-employed. Concha, the woman who did the presentation, said she'd noticed that the British were go-getting like that. Although I do wonder if it isn't because they don't want to be told what to do by a Spaniard. I was sitting next to a nice girl called María. She turned out to be Spanish, but she's lived here since she was seven, so she's bilingual. Actually, she's trilingual, since she speaks English, Castilian and Galician (which is where her parents are from - biggest place there is Santiago de Compostela). She bumped into another first-generation British Galician while she was there as well but he had red hair whereas she was far more typically Spanish looking. Anyway, she was really nice and we had lunch together (in Marks and Spencers because she works there at the mo and gets a staff discount). We then had a nice rant about living with our parents and how the job market sucks. I've got her mobile number so we can keep in touch. I'm sure she'll get where she wants to go.

I got the latest volume of XXXHolic and five volumes of KareKano! I'm now up to Vol. 8, which is so great. I love Blackwells on Charing Cross Road. <3

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(Deleted comment)
Not at the moment, but it's good to know how you go about getting work. Need to be prepared. ;)

Huh. When I started Achaean was an ermine (which I thought suited you very well), now he's a bobcat or lynx.
I did the test too, and he was a fox - it's on my LJ!
"Have you hugged your daemon today?"

I love both so I'm not too bothered. Ooh, a fox, lovely!

This is Amy, AKA Scarlett71177 on Livejournal.com I'm contacting all of you in hopes that you'll join me on May 24 in wishing our friend Margaret67 a happy 40th birthday.

I've created a new journal (you don't have to friend it) and I'm hoping you'll all take a moment to comment to THIS post. We'll alert Margaret to the journal next week. Until then- let's keep it our little secret.



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