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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Rejected Again
Spring - luna_ann
I didn't get the job. Got the rejection letter today. They found someone with more experience.


They said in the advert that the job would be ideal for a graduate with languages, which I am, then they hire someone with more experience?! What do I have to do?! Yeah, you can go ahead and tell me that you are 'confident' that I will find 'an excellent opportunity' to 'suit my skills' but that does bugger all for me! Why even bother having me back for a second interview if I just don't have enough experience? It feels like you screwed me over, even though that isn't really what you did. BUT HOW AM I MEANT TO GET ANY EXPERIENCE IF NOBODY WILL HIRE ME?!

I want to punch somebody right now. My only consolation is that it took you this long to tell me, which means that someone was fighting in my corner.

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Nope, still jobless, but I have an interview on Thursday.

The most incredeible version was when my mum kept applying for Norad (Norwegian aid whatever) and frequently was told that she was the best applicant, but as she didn't have any aid experience (i.e never lived in Africa before), the job went to #2 on the list, a man of course, who had that experience. Gah.

That's just ridiculous. It really is. Did she ever get to go out there? :/

*hugs back* Thank you.

No, she never went to Africa. :( She wasn't the only one suffering under this attitude, so thankfully they've changed.

I'll hold my thumbs, cross my fingers and send "job thoughts" to you on Thursday.


Thanks! I'm sorry she never went.

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