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The Shakespeare Code Review

Yes, it's an obvious cut line, but what can I say, it fits the episode perfectly.

Have to say that I wasn't too thrilled about this one at first. I liked the bit with the pretty (very pretty!) suitor and the girl, I thought they were on stage for a moment, which was what we were meant to think. I think. But then the bit where they all transformed into the hags and started ripping the flesh off his bones... bleh. Bit too cheesy for me, and I like a good bit of cheese usually (Manchego's my favourite).

My favourite bit about the episode? The way it didn't avoid the fact Martha's black. Okay, so the question about slaves was naive, but at least it showed that Martha has some sort of clue. Again, all of Will's names for her (I seriously hope the BBC doesn't get hate mail for that, but you never know) rang true, as did Martha's disbelief and the Doctor's embarrassment. Of course, Martha seemed strangely shocked given that she was prepared to be turned into a slave, but I can still excuse that on account of naivety and not having time travelled before. YAY, Martha actually listened to the Doctor and stopped talking Shakespearean! Technically, shouldn't the Tardis language translator account for the difference in English anyway?

I'm not sure if Bedlam would have actually looked like that in Elizabethan England, but it was still nice to actually see that side of Renaissance society and how the mentally ill were treated back then. I suppose some people would call Martha's outrage predictable, but that didn't make it any less real for me.

I really quite liked Will. In fact, all the Shakespeare references made me laugh, especially the Doctor's remark about the 35 academics and the one about 'rage against the dying of the light'. Plus, Martha's put down about his breath - the reality of personal hygiene was not ignored, thank God.

The bed scene. Poor Martha. And yet I really think Tennant was at his most Doctorish here, completely absorbed in the problem and completely unaware of how insensitive he was being to Martha. In fact, I saw a bit of Nine coming back there, but then Nine was aware of how insensitive he could be, he just didn't care. Ten really was oblivious. Under the circumstances, I thought Martha just blowing out the candle like that was quite restrained.

Great dramatic ending, I was on the edge of my seat. My only real peeve about this episode was the language: either go for completely modern or try and be a little formal, but don't mix, it sounds weird to my ear.

FACE OF BOE! God knows if we'll actually get anything out of him, but it will still be nice to see him again.
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