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Chain Reaction

So I went to see the recording of Chain Reaction, a BBC Radio 4 programme, with my friend godricgal today. It was at the Duchess Theatre in Catherine Street in London and it was so much fun. The programme will be broadcast either this summer or autumn (hopefully this summer) and will be on Tuesday evening. I will be checking the Radio 4 website regularly to let you know.

I have to set down my thoughts now in a great big jumble, because I'm tired and didn't get back home until very late. David was being interviewed by Catherine Tate, one of our new comediennes. They've already acted together in the Doctor Who Christmas special The Runaway Bride and did a sketch together for Comic Relief. It was obvious to anyone who'd seen either TRB or the sketch that Catherine and David not only have chemistry together but enjoy each other's company. Judging by tonight, I really do wonder how the TRB crew managed to keep a straight face, as these two are continually setting each other off.

Catherine came on first. The word that comes to mind when I think of her this evening is 'endearing'. It's not a word that most people would use, but she truly was. It was obvious that she was a little nervous about what was going to happen, which always melts my heart, but everyone was prepared to like her, and she is genuinely funny (even when she's trying to be serious, she's funny). Her introduction to the programme was so rambling and convoluted that she had to rerecord it at the end (the fact we kept laughing over her didn't help). One joke I remember her making had to do with her clothes.

"As you can see, I'm dressed... well, I dressed for radio."

*We all laugh (even though she's not at all frumpy, just pretty and casual)*

"Then I arrive here and they say 'Right, we just want to take a few pictures of you.'"

*We all crack up*

There was, of course, mass whooping and whistling when David came on stage. David was dressed smartly, of course: in fact, I found myself admiring his boots. We were seated quite high up, but you'd have to be quite far away to miss that man's cheekbones.

The interview was far more like a conversation than a professional interview, which was what made it so fascinating. There was a hilarious interlude early on when Catherine described the first play she'd seen David in (Tamagochi Heaven on the Fringe) and he didn't actually remember being in it: cue Catherine frantically describing what was going on and David's amused, blank face, until she said that he was on a screen, at which point he burst out, "Oh YES, now I remember!" and we all dissolved into laughter.

There was much musing on Doctor Who and its cross-generational appeal, growing up in the seventies (toast toppers!) and various cultural differences (poor David didn't taste Marmite until he moved to London in the 90s), plus a running joke about mentioning other brands on the BBC. David told his story about meeting George Lucas; Catherine was amusingly ignorant about Star Wars and the three prequels, then suddenly brought them up again later: "Oh, so what you're saying is that the other three were shit?" Cue David and everyone in the audience crying with laughter. Because, let's face it, it's what everybody thinks and nobody dares to say. David and the rest of us Proclaimers fans rejoiced that they were the UK No. 1 this week (along with Matt Lucas and Peter Kay). If you look on YouTube, you will be able to see the video of them singing on the night and you will get a couple of shots of David in his kilt. Then at the end, Catherine and David did a couple of trailers for the programme. Particularly amusing were David's asides: "Catherine Tate." "Rank amateur." "David Tennant." "Handsome, charming, two hearts." Brilliant.

I wish you could have been there, because I've no doubt they will edit out most of the really funny (unrelevant) bits, but you will be able to hear some of the hilarity soon. Meanwhile, I will keep my eyes out for the next recording, when David will be interviewing someone.
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