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In Your Face, Suckas!

Okay, so yesterday pretty much sucked, as anyone who has read this LJ will know. Thank you to all of you who commented, it did make me feel better. Having said that...

I was talking to my sister (my second fiercest advocate, just pipped to the post by my mum) and she found a job for me on the Guardian Unlimited website for a Translation Production Assistant.

See link for job description

I e-mailed them right then and there with my CV (even though it was ten o'clock at night) and got a call today asking me to come in for an interview next week! So now I am thoroughly excited because even though it only pays £16,000 p.a. it would be a really good job to start me off and I would gain so many skills and it's in London just off Bloomsbury Street (which is where the British Museum is) and right near Charing Cross Road. If I get this, it would be ideal. And coming after yesterday, it boosted my confidence right up. In your face, Anne!

Now for my second piece of good news. BBC Radio 4 does a programme called Chain Reaction, where a famous person interviews another famous person of their choice. The interviewee then gets to pick the next guest and becomes the interviewer. And so on and so forth. They're recording a new series. The first programme will be Catherine Tate interviewing the sexy, Scottish David Tennant (aka Casanova aka Doctor Who). AND I GOT THE TICKETS TODAY! XD *waves tickets around* My friend godricgal and I will see Mr Tennant in the flesh. You may now envy me. I applied on Monday and I wasn't sure if I'd get them, because obviously lots of people will be applying. I'd already thought the day was great, but but when I went down and saw the envelope there with the BBC logo... I felt my heart leap and it got even better!

Then I went to the cinema and saw Becoming Jane. It's beautifully filmed and I was really impressed by Anne Hathaway (not just her accent but her emotion), even though Cassandra was meant to be the 'pretty' sister, not Jane (poor Anna Maxwell Martin was barely in it). I just wish that they hadn't tried to up the drama by putting in that elopement and the bit at the end... mmph. It didn't work for me. But it didn't spoil the film, either. James McAvoy was great, of course. It made me want to go and see Starter for Ten and The Last King of Scotland. I'd give it 3.5 out of 5. ^_^
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