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Another Small Rant: America's Next Top Model

Everybody has their programme that they watch because they need to switch off their brains. For me, it's America's Next Top Model (or Britain's, or Australia's, whatever). I'm keeping up with the latest series (the eighth) by YouTube. This is great because it means that I have absolutely no idea who is going to win. Any American series shown over here, I can go on YouTube and find out who won, but this time, I'm in the same boat as everyone else.

However, I am finding one particular person on this series really, REALLY irritating. Renée. I have never heard a person complain and whine so much in my life and I went to an all-girls' school. Now, I never thought I'd find anyone more irritating than Jade from Cycle 6, but Renée is worse. If anyone, ANYONE, does better than her (which is every episode), she immediately puts them down (which reminds me a lot of Jade). When she was saying that stuff about how Jaslene had the 'edgier' shoots and "if I had looks like hers, I could rock it, too" I wanted to yell at the screen.

SHUT UP! If you can't do it, Renée, that's your problem! It's not a question of looks, it's a question of ability. Jaslene has more ability than you in front of the camera and that's just the way it is. Stop complaining and start working on yourself! I seriously can't wait until Tyra does a one-to-one session with the girls and finds out just how horrible you are. Okay, so Brittany can fish for sympathy, but she's also a genuinely nice person and you know that she's better than you. That's exactly why you tried to tell her to sit out the challenge, so there would be one less competitor for you. The fact is that you can't stand that all these girls are overshadowing you.

The look on Renée's face when Tyra said there were no negative critiques on Brittany's photo... envy personified. Having said all that, she is right about the challenges with her "I'll win the war" strategy. Yaya from Cycle 3, Jade and Nnenna from Cycle 6 all won a lot of challenges but none of them ended up winning the actual competition. However, you need to stand out to win the competition and Renée's critiques can basically be summed up as "Good, but could do better". Unlike Jaslene, Brittany and Jael, who have all come in for serious praise. Right now, I'm hoping for one of those three to win. Or maybe Whitney. Diana siding with Renée has put me right off - plus, it's no good having all those curves if you don't know what to do with them. I seriously pray every episode that Renée will get cut, just because she is so negative.

Phew! That was building up for a while.
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