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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Interviews and Other Things
Spring - luna_ann
So, I had my interview for English Heritage today: I got up later than I wanted, only had a kiwi fruit for breakfast, but that was okay, because I went to the tearoom in town and had a nice lunch: a pot of Assam tea and Meditteranean tomato soup with bap and butter, while reading my current library book (The Secret History by Donna Tartt, just as good as I hoped). After finishing my lunch, I took the bus to Old Sarum.

Old Sarum

It's certainly a bit of a climb, but there are spectacular views from the top, and it was a sunny day today (hazy sun), with little wind (very rare on Old Sarum). I met Andy and Penny, who worked in the shop. Penny's surname was Brain, which made me wonder if she had to endure many Inspector Gadget jokes. They were both very nice. I felt at ease with them almost right away, which doesn't happen often with me, so I took that as a good sign. The interviews were actually taking place in a barnyard a little way down the hill (yes, a barnyard). So I made my way down there, met Beth and Natalie, and had the interview. I think it's the most successful interview that I've ever done - even if I don't get the job, I feel like I did all the right things. They certainly can't say that I lack experience! After all, I was steward at the Medieval Hall, which basically takes in all they're asking me to do it. It will be a varied job, which only makes me want it more: I don't like the same thing day after day, I learned that in my retail jobs. I like challenges, I have to accept that. I think I want a quiet life, but in reality I prefer it when I have to think on my feet.

I'll hear about it during the next five working days. *crosses fingers*

In other job news, a woman from the Post Office phoned me about an interview, but we keep missing each other. I keep getting her voicemail and she keeps getting mine. But then if she's going to phone me at half-six in the evening, I won't exactly be manning my phone, will I? I phoned her straight after she phoned me and got her voicemail. *sigh*

My period arrived a week early. Not too painful, thank goodness, but I'm never early! At least it came after the interview, that's all I wanted.

I can't wait for next week: I'm seeing jo_blogs and nundu on Thursday, godricgal on Friday! Woo, social life!

*hugs to all my friends*

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The English Heritage job sounds cool - I'll keep everything crossed for you.

*whispers* I think Seaspray might be joining us on Thursday - it's going to be a real Quiller summit! I'm going to have to change the time, I can't get there until about 1.20 after all.

Early Aunt Flo? How inconsiderate of her.

Thanks, Jo! It's only from April-October, but it's money.

Yay for more people! Don't worry about changing the time, just let us all know when you'll be there.

Actually, Aunt Flo was quite considerate by her lights: she arrived after the interview, after my dinner, when I was at home and relaxed. It's always better when it happens at home, isn't it? I'm not even in that much pain (though that's thanks to the exercise, I suspect).

How is your pilates going?


I am SO jealous!! Getting to see everyone again!! Hugs to all for me, okay? I'll see you lot in November =D

*fingers crossed for you about the job*

Well, it helps to live in the same country. ;) I will remember you to them. ^^


Well, it helps to live in the same country. ;)

Aaahhh...that would be dry English wit, wouldn't it?


Dryer than James Bond's Martini. ;D

It looks like a wonderful place. Good luck! *fingers corssed* I'm so jealous you're seeing all these wonderful people this week!

I will also cross my fingers for you! LOL

It's next week, but I'm very happy! And I will be able to pay for myself, which is even better.

Um, your description of lunch makes me so jealous (although I'm unsure of what bap is). Stupid college dining hall food. Ick, so horribe. >_<

Oh YEY! Great news! I'm happy that you're feeling positive about the interview, always a good sign. Best wishes for getting the job. ;)

Hmm, so does the fact that you're currently surfing the crimson wave have anything to do with that marvelous little drabble earlier? Or was it chance?

Bap = Northern UK English for 'bun'

Well, I've felt positive before and not got the job but never mind. Thanks for the best wishes.

Nope, total chance. I saw the definition in the dictionary and chuckled evilly to myself.

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