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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Back In The Game
Autumn - sunlitdays
Today I went for brunch with one of my oldest friends, Pid. Pid has a manipulative father: he's far more manipulative, far more often than my mum, so I knew that Pid would completely understand how I felt about yesterday. We drove to this wonderful restaurant out in the Nadder Valley (Nadder = name of river) called the River Barn and I told Pid about what had happened while she parked and we walked to the restaurant. We sat in a separate room at a big table, with a settle each to ourselves (settles are great big benches with backs to them that you often find in country pubs). Having told her, I felt much calmer and we moved onto other things: pigments of skin (she's an artist), how to blend different shades to make a certain colour, the awesomeness of the colour green and how it goes with absolutely any other colour if you just get the right shade, the wonder of Assam tea and what had been happening to her in London. That's just a small sample. Our conversation has a wide range and we talk about things both great and small. It's the best thing about being such old friends: anything is up for discussion. We had a pot of Assam tea for two, Pid had a (proper) ginger beer and I had a (proper) lemonade. Then she ordered carrot and coriander soup and I ordered a toasted camembert and ham sandwich. The service was lovely and the place was empty except for another group behind us. Two of the people were speaking French, so my ear kept catching words.

Then, right in the middle of lunch (which was delicious), I get a phone call on my mobile phone. It's someone at Old Sarum, asking me to come for an interview.

And I'm back in the game.

(I confirmed when I got home that Dad had said none of those things. I made a comment about being "lazy" and he immediately asked who'd said that. Mum gave me a look that said 'on your own head be it'. I said that Mum and I had had 'a discussion' about my motivation. I could feel Dad giving Mum a look. No more was said about it. But she knows that I'm not going to let her use me again.)

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I didn't see the look, but I felt it. ;)

old friends are so awesome. and toasted camembert very much is, too. heh. :D glad you're feeling upper again ^^

I had ham with it as well. :3 It was so good to see her and talk everything over.

Hey, Starsea! Just friended you.

Sorry to hear you've been going through what seems like perfect, psychological hell. No one needs that. The job interview means things could be looking up, though. I'm crossing my fingers for you. :)

"We drove to this wonderful restaurant out in the Nadder Valley (Nadder = name of river)."

OMG, Nadder! *launches into language geek mode* Where exactly is the Nadder Valley? We had a lecture on medieval dialectology and Nadder was one of those words that came up ('an adder' became 'nadder'). I forgot to write down where it was in England. I hope it's the right place...

Always good to have new friends. :)

I'm not sure about hell, but it's definitely purgatory (at least you have a chance of escape with purgatory). And yes, the job interview means that they will be off my back for a while.

The Nadder that I speak of is in Wiltshire, where I live. ^^ It's one of the five rivers that meet in Salisbury.

It sounds like a wonderful day out with your friend - with perfect timing. Honestly, how would we get along without our friends?

I'm glad about your call! Go you!

I know that without that outing, I wouldn't be half so happy.

Thanks! Gets my parents off my back for a bit, at least.

To everything there is a season and a time under the heavens. A time to cry and a time to laugh.
Today might be a day to do the conga.

I certainly felt vindicated, I can tell you that.

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