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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Meme, Reviews
Autumn - sunlitdays
Leave a comment on this entry telling me which character -- from any fandom -- I most remind you of, then repost this in your own journal.

There follow small cuts of my thoughts on the series I am currently watching.

Have recently begun watching PGSM again on YouTube (just type in PGSM + Act + number and you will get the episode you want). I'm in the early 30s at the moment. I don't know if they actually flew to London to shoot those scenes with Jyoji, but OH MY GOD, they could have found someone with a better British accent. JYOJI'S accent is more British than Random Friend's. And of course, it's raining. Despite the fact that London doesn't actually get much rain but oh well. I still get weak when Endymion twirls his sword before sheathing it - the fact it's obvious showing off only makes him swoonworthy. "Ah, Endymion-sama, I totally understand why Beryl and Serenity would have a bitchfight over you. You are so amazing that you even manage to pull off those ridiculous curtain-rail shoulder pads." I hate Mio as much as ever, but that's what you're meant to do. And I think the others' decision not to tell Usagi that Minako is Venus really began to bite back in Act 32: sure, Usagi would still have gone to rescue Mamoru, but she might have paid slightly more attention to Minako if she'd known. Oh well. It's not like I think the others are stupid for keeping it a secret. Enjoying the contrast of Ami's and Rei's parental relationships at the moment. Favourite comedy moment (apart from Motoki's classic turtle costume scene):

Usagi: Papa, bring back something nice!
Shingo: Brat.
Usagi: Shingo doesn't want anything...
Shingo: What the hell?!

XD Priceless.

So I finally started watching the box set that my parents bought me for Christmas. I'd already seen the first three episodes but I'd missed the first part of Serenity I, so it was good to see everyone come together. It strikes me that Firefly is as close as Joss Whedon will ever come to light comedy. After the early episodes of Buffy, the humour slowly became bleaker and bleaker. There were funny moments but the goofiness gradually disappeared (not that I'm criticising, just stating a fact, it was perfectly normal given what happened to the characters). And Angel wasn't ever light-hearted (a couple of episodes being the exception, Smile Time anyone?). At the moment, favourite character is a tie between Kaylee and Simon. Kaylee is a sweetie and Simon is nice. Too nice for his own good, really. A meaner person would have held all those jokes the crew played on him against them. He's a doctor, he could really fuck them around. But he doesn't, because he's a nice guy. A little snobbish, yes, but again, could be worse. Compare Atherton and Simon. See? No comparison. Needless to say, I loved Safe. The scene with Simon and River in the surgery was one of the best so far. It helps that Summer Glau is such an excellent actress. River could be a one-note character but you don't get bored with her craziness. Also, Jayne having to throw back all of Simon's stuff? Priceless. And Simon doesn't even guess! That's how nice he is. I look forward to Our Mrs Reynolds, if only because I enjoy the chemistry between Mal and Inara and I can't wait to see how she reacts to him being married.
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(Deleted comment)
Thanks! ^^ I'm a bit of a water baby myself.

(Deleted comment)
Ha! Not so badly that I get hives, I'm glad to say. Anyway, on the outside I'm cool as a cucumber, it's on the inside that I'm going into overdrive. Probably because I'm not really used to romantic attention.

i say Setsuna, from the manga. You seem v mature but at the same time v soft and caring. with a dash of humour~

Wow, what a compliment! Thank you! Let's see, who do you remind me of? I'd say a mixture of Rei and Yukino Miyazawa from KareKano: you have Rei's strength and Yukino's study habits. :)

I hope Rei from the manga, haha. But thank you! I love those characters >

I should have said 'grace and strength', then there wouldn't have been any doubt, would there? Anyway, I would never compare anyone to anime Rei as a compliment.

I really like firefly. it's not dark enough to be my favorite series, because I can't really get into any piece of art unless it's pretty dark, but it probably has to be in my top three of "light" series.
I loved "our mrs. reynolds" because the actress playing his wife was just fantastic, and also a redhead. and because I'm a redhead too, I always feel like when I see one onscreen it's like a little shoutout just to me. (also, I dare you to find a redhead on tv that is not up to no-good, because I can't.)

I was trying to think of a character that you remind me of, and I have to say that you remind me of Nancy from the first series of the new Who. not because you have a big secret and are full of shame, which I don't think you have and initially made me not want to say it.
it's more of her quiet awesomeness. like, other people might've been out there doing more overtly heroic things, but she was the mastermind behind keeping all of those children safe during a terrible time. and she wasn't looking for trouble, but she knew how to deal with it efficiently and well. and that reminds me of you, how I think you would be in a war, I guess. quietly heroic and not looking for any kind of praise when you obviously deserve it, with awesome pigtails and fantastic comebacks.

There are some nice redheads on British television. Besides, Catherine Tate has red hair and her character in The Runaway Bride was nice. Loud and irritating, but still good.

I find the comparison to Nancy very flattering! She's one of the best characters in New Who: I admire her resourcefulness and her determination, and I'm touched that you see those things in me. Awesome pigtails, yes. Fantastic comebacks: I hope so. :D

Who do you remind me of? I have to say you remind me of Piglet from A.A. Milne's world. Shy and scared, yet full of inner strength and always trying to help your friends.

there are absolutely no nice redheads on american tv. it's depressing. at their most nice, the tv redheads are short-tempered.

I'm glad that you liked the comparison to nancy. she's my favorite character in new who. and her type of character isn't seen around very often on my tv.

awww. piglet is cute and pink. thanks! although, I'd have to say that I'm usually more like an eeyore. (and I can pull off a fantastic eeyore impression.) however, maybe I'm just a piglet in an eeyore's skin. or maybe piglet starts to act like eeyore when there's no pooh around? it's an interesting thought.
however, I am flattered.


You only pretend to be an Eeyore to hide your sensitive Piglet skin.

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