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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Computer Woe
Autumn - sunlitdays
My new PC, which I've had for less than a month, is already malfunctioning. It's suddenly become very slow (even slower than my old one) and refuses to open programs, telling me that they all contain 'errors'.

I wouldn't mind so much except that it's a pain to keep backing up my files. -_-

In other news, I have been applying for jobs left right and centre, both temporary and permanent. At the moment, there are two language jobs that I'm applying for, apart from the work placement in France. One is a part time post in France, just outside Paris (PARIS!), translating IT documents for a company; the other is a permanent placement here in the UK in Buckinghamshire, proof-reading translations from French and Spanish, with an opportunity to become an in-house translation.

The thing is, I don't know what to wish for. I've finally got myself a little organised with regards to exercise and things and I'm going to phone up my friend's driving instructor and get that part of my life organised. If I get the job in France or Buckinghamshire, that means everything I've got here will have to be changed or put on hold: but both of them would be really good for my career (the permanent job especially). Any advice?

In other news, still finishing December, although I have managed to write one ficlet for January and have another one in mind. I don't why I always end up tormenting Haruka in my stories, but it seems to be a pattern. I must be more like Michiru than I thought.

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(Deleted comment)
I know. *sigh* At this point in time, Paris would probably be better for me - I mean, it is exactly what Lorraine said I needed: working in France, speaking and working in French every day. But to have a permanent job... and to have the opportunity to move up to in-house translator... I mean, that IS my ideal job situation. *sigh* Is it awful that I wouldn't mind being away from my family too much?

I've seen a few IT support job ads specifically looking for foreign language speakers, you want me to send you links as I find them?

Just apply, apply, apply. Tis all you can do. Good luck!

Where in Bucks?


It's in Gerrard's Cross. They do have an office in London but the job's at Gerrard's Cross.

Yes, please do send me the links, but make sure that it's either French and/or Spanish.

How are your applications going?


Gerrard's Cross is not a bad area at all. You'd probably want to get that DL sorted out though.

Yes, all the apps I've come across say which language it is that they're looking for.

I was supposed to hear about a job today, but they've put it off til Monday. I'm not hopeful. I'll text you if the miracle happens.

Yeah. >.> I really want to get this driving stuff out of the way now.

I will be crossing my fingers for you about this job (just read your entry). Hoping and wishing and praying... all of that.

My thought would be, check out ther jobs a little more before makinga final decision. Obviously, I would say it may be a better idea staying in the country if the prospect is for a more permanent job. I have heard Paris isn't that wonderful a place for foreigners to live. (On the other hand, I think it only pertains to us ebil Americans. ^^;;) It is a very cultured place and you would certainly have much more of an opportunity to acclimate yourself to French even more than you have.

So, I would say, if your priority is to be closer to family, and have a stable job more quickly, then take the Buckinghamshire job. If you want a little more excitement and a chance to take in Paris, take the Paris job.

Well, it's not a case of 'taking' either job, more a case of... well, hoping. I don't know whether to focus all my energy on the proof-reader job or the translator job. I suppose I should just apply for both, then wait and see.

Parisians are notorious within France for being snooty. ;) And since I'm English, I will probably only get a slightly less frosty reception than you. We're the 'old enemy': you lot are just new and a bit immature. But hey, you based your government on the French one, so you can't be all bad. ;)

Aah, that means they won't spit on you. :p

...I'm suite sure we were inspired by French writers, as our government came before France's, not the other way around. ^^;;;

Well, you never know. ;)

The French government has a Senate and a House of Representatives. Sound familiar?

Yeah, but our government was officially formed in 1787. The French government as we know it today started after Napoleon II was overthrown, in 1871.

Yes, but the original post-Revolution French government was formed the same way as yours is now.

I'm sorry to hear about your computer...

But, oh my gosh, choosing between Paris and Buckingham...I myself would choose the place closer to home, but Paris is so lovely, and you seem to like the French language a lot. But that's just me.

I wish that I could help more. ><

Living in Paris is very appealing, certainly. Thanks for your input.

It's a tough decision, but my best suggestion is to follow your heart. Fate may help you make your decision by offering you one position instead of both.

If both are offered to you....well, no one knows you better than yourself.

Paris sounds like an amazing opportunity, but you also have to keep in mind that it is only part-time. You would have to pack up and move, only to do so again. It might be great experience for further down the road, though.

At the same time, the job in Buckinghamshire sounds like exactly what you want. It's the opportunity that you've been waiting for.

If you choose Paris, will that opportunity still be waiting for you? Will there be a better one?

Life is a gamble.

I know that I'm going through something similar now as I decide whether or not to stay in Japan for a second year, but I don't have as much at stake as you do.

The best that I can tell you is to follow your heart: Do you want the dream job that promises a career and stability, or do you want the dream of Paris--that once-in-a-lifeime experience? Ultimately....only you can make that decision. It's really rough.

I wish you the best of luck and am envious of whichever decision that you make!<3

I don't think the opportunity will wait for me. Of course, I'm counting my chickens before they're hatched... I haven't even applied to either of them. I will do so over the weekend. I'm just wondering which I should hope for.

Anyway, good luck with your own decision, I hope you make the right one for yourself.

I would say apply to both and see which one you warm to the most if you get to the interview stage. Otherwise, if neither of them pan out, it sounds as though you have quite a few things happening at the moment anyway - and getting a driving licence is a fantastic boon both emotionally and practically. I didn't get mine until I was a bit older than you :)

Thanks, Jo. When I get my licence, I'll probably end up driving around just to get away from my mother. *lol* And she didn't get hers until she was around 30, so I'm doing well!

Firstly, re: the computer, have you called the company to complain? Because it sounds to me like you got something that was damaged in transit or put together wrong or something. I would definitely have them either send you a new PC - free of charge - or have them send someone to take a look at it. Because that is all kinds of uncool.

As for the job... I can see where that would be a tough decision. Definitely get lots more information should it happen that you have to make a decision. I know nothing about costs of living in and around Paris, but I'd guess that a part-time job wouldn't be enough to cover expenses. On the other hand, that's totally the sort of experience that I think anyone in your field needs.

And yay you for writing more Shitennou fic! :D Good luck with everything!

First, I love the icon.

Dad has e-mailed the company and we're going to get the computer exchanged. Because I haven't even had it a month and it's within warranty, so... *shrugs* No skin off our noses, just rather annoying.

Yes, the experience would be invaluable but the actual situation, maybe not so much.

I don't know if you're interested or not, but I saw this and thought of you:

January 21st, 2007 -- FanFiction.Net is looking for 3 uniquely qualified translators that are fluent in both English and any of the 3 desired languages: French, German, or Spanish. If you believe you are up to the task or know someone who is, please email support@fanfiction.com for more details. These are paid contract positions. 2007 is the year FanFiction.Net goes global and we need your help.

We have updated the top/main menu to ease navigation to category specific pages. Major revisions to the site are currently under way so now is the time send in your suggestions. Please send all feedback to support@fanfiction.com.

Interesting, but are they looking for someone to translate from French and Spanish or into them? Because if it's the latter, they need native speakers.

Hmm, I'm not sure. It kind of sounds like into, though. But hey, you could always write in and ask! It's a little side money! ^^

Then there isn't much point, because you only translate into your mother tongue.

Then again, there probably are some people out there who can do both, so a clause is necessary in order to embrace such an occurence. ^_^

BTW--Cute icon!<3

Oh yes, there are bilingual people (lucky devils).

Thanks! I've read all the Narnia books and I loved the film (but I'm faithful to the BBC adaptations).

I remember watching the BBC adaptions as a child on PBS. I have it taped somewhere, too. I thought the film was brilliant. They adapted it so well. I was suprised at how true they were to the book, and unlike many movies, I understood why they made the changes they did. The changes worked and built suspense/etc. for the film version and helped people not familiar with the books. Overall, I was highly satisfied.


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