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Review of "Not Pictured"

So I'm cutting this for spoilers, EVEN THOUGH everyone else has already seen it.

Not Pictured

In a way, that title just sums up Cassidy's life, doesn't it? It would have been better if someone had adopted him. At least then he might have got some sort of positive attention (not the kind that Woody gave him).

Watching the beginning of this episode, I thought one thing: Veronica must really love Roald Dahl. Dahl is under no illusions that the world is a cruel, nasty place, but his villains get equally nasty, cruel comeuppances. And I can see Veronica appreciating that. Especially after watching Aaron Echolls go free. What do you think would be her favourite book: Matilda? The Witches? James and the Giant Peach? Kristin Bell's expression was perfect, by the way: "You're a son of a bitch and I want you to die in hell."

Keith, you are adorable. You're second only to Atticus on the Best Fictional Dads Ever list. Seriously. I mean, who could ask for anything more? Plus, Enrico's expression on hearing that Vinnie Van Lowe was on the phone? Priceless. "The world has ended and nobody told me." Following exchange between him and Van Lowe also amusing, especially since it contains the best line of the show for me: "I risk my life to bring a fugitive to justice and you're giving me the world's tiniest violin." Nice echo of Keith's line to Veronica.

And now we come to my favourite part of the episode: the dream sequence. VM does dream sequences particularly well, and this second series has been full of them, but this still wins 'best sequence' to my mind. I love the altered colour spectrum, I love the differences in Veronica's dress and hair (interesting to notice that she and Logan are together, even in the dream, seems Lilly moved on when she went to college?). Does Veronica know she's dreaming? Her wistful expression looking at her parents makes me think that she knows something isn't right. Meeting with Wallace is very poignant. "Oh. You're one of those." And then the meeting with Lilly, right at the end. That girl has fabulous eyes. I even paused the episode, just so I could see the inscription above her memorial, which was suitably pompous. And then Veronica woke up, and she knew it was a dream but some part of her had hoped... But I think Wallace is a much better friend than Lilly ever was. Wallace has never got Veronica nearly killed. So there.

The band playing Land of Hope and Glory really messes with my head, since that is a sacred piece of music over here, only played during the Proms. Nicely ironic, of course. Typical of Lamb to not even let Weevil collect his diploma before cuffing him. All the worse because his grandma's watching. Yes, Lamb, you win Asshole of 2006. Happy now?

Then we have Wallace and Jackie. I knew that Jackie wasn't going to the Sorbonne: she didn't exactly seem motivated. Wasn't expecting her to be a single mother but not that surprising in retrospect. The scene between her and Wallace in the airport was one of her best (and sadly her last, as far as I know). Once again, Wallace gets his heart stepped on. Never mind, he's still doing better than Xander.

The revelation scene with the photograph is pretty chilling. The graduation party started early, but then it is summer. But what was Veronica thinking leaving a message with information like THAT? Anyone could listen to it... and anyone did. (I might just take this moment to say that Kyle is nicely toned.) His revelation as the killer wouldn't have worked if it wasn't for his sterling work on the rooftop. I was thrown between pity and disgust: he has no regret or guilt about raping Veronica at all. I have to wonder why he did it: to prove something to himself? The scene with Veronica calling Keith is possibly one of the most excruciating television moments I've ever watched, made all the more poignant by that helpless cry of "Daddy". But I'm so proud that even after losing everything, Veronica still refuses to throw herself off the roof. Wonderful that it was Logan who rescued her. He was amazingly calm: having a psychopath for a father finally comes in handy. (Speaking of which, Aaron's appearances in this episode were nicely timed: his encounter with Veronica in the elevator was particularly chilling, given the circumstances in which they were last alone together.) The first time I watched this episode, I was a bit miffed that Cassidy got to jump off the roof without any repercussions but on second viewing, I think that he's already created his own hell and been punished enough as it is: ignored second son, sexually abused, having Dick as an older brother, that awful nickname that he can never escape. I didn't ever think that Veronica would shoot him but I was worried she'd end up shooting Logan accidentally. At least we ended with Logan comforting Veronica, as it should be.

Man, Duncan, becoming a father has really changed you for the better. Congratulations on the spine transplant. Who would have thought you had it in you? By the way: Mollymook? One of the best place names EVER.

Logan taking care of Veronica is the best. And we have a small dream, which is so sweet and so sad, but it's okay, because Keith is alive (thought his comment about Logan wasn't the best idea, even if it was a joke). And Keith, would it have killed you to check your phone for messages? *sigh*

Ending is rather weak, I feel, but that's okay, we get some LoVe to comfort us until the next time. I have to say that this is one of the most emotional episodes of the second series, slightly let down by the ending but everything else was outstanding. It's a shame that the rest of the series wasn't of a similar standard.
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