July 31st, 2011

Happy - ajcher

Happy Birthday, Genesse!

Happy Birthday, genesse!

You share the same birthday as JK Rowling and Harry Potter! XD

Your Disney character is Bridget from The Wild

You are self-aware and independent. You analyse your environment and notice the weaknesses. Pragmatic, you work cooperatively with others to remedy the situation. You value relationships, but only pursue those in which you are sincerely respected and valued. Sometimes you don't recognise your positive qualities and use humour to downplay them. You have a tough persona that lets others know you mean business; it earns you the admiration you desire.

Magical Gifts: Bridget brings you the gifts of elegance, perception, and common sense. She encourages you to stand tall and gracefully show your spots.

Keys To Your Success: Realising that love is right under your nose.