From the land between Wake and Dream. (sea_thoughts) wrote,
From the land between Wake and Dream.

Cat Love

Just to let everyone know that Martje did arrive on Monday night, with her cat, Plushie. (That's 'Ploo-shee'.) She is very nice and we get on well and have lots of interesting conversations. Plushie is GINGER and FLUFFY and he miaows all the time and I am completely in love with him. He reminds me of my old cat Autumn (she was female, so tortoiseshell, but the comparison still stands). It occurred to me last night that Plushie is my very own Crookshanks (for the two weeks I'm sharing the flat with him). He's not ugly enough, but I can definitely understand why Hermione turned into goo over Crookshanks now. CUDDLY! XD

Perhaps having a real ginger cat around will help inspire me when I'm writing the bits with Crookshanks in WfW.

Crazy bulletin over now.
Tags: harry potter, luxembourg
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