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Luxembourg Entry No. 4

Hello everyone,

I can't believe that I've been here a whole month (or nearly). The time has flown so quickly, which must mean that I'm having fun, although I'm too busy most of the time to notice.

Last week, I made my first visit to the cinema, because I finally had my international student card, to see Pan's Labyrinth. Beautiful film, but sad and occasionally gory, so you have been warned. I would still definitely recommend seeing it, especially if you're a fan of fairy tales or anything that's a little different. I saw Little Miss Sunshine yesterday evening and laughed out loud a number of times, especially at the end. Definitely recommend this one, some language but nothing too bad.

Work-wise, I've mainly been doing titles and captions again, although I've moved on from revising them to translating as well. The titles and captions are what describe the data on ENA, so it's important that they be accurate and up to date, even if the actual data hasn't been translated yet. At least you're able to get a good idea of what the document is if you can read the caption and title. I've found out a lot about how the EU was established through doing this and also about the various changes that occured in Europe during this time. Lots of interesting stuff.

The Christmas decorations are up in the shops and the Christmas markets have started, but I can't really explore them unless I go on the weekend, because I don't finish work until 5.30 and all the shops close at 6.00, which can be a bit frustrating. Supermarkets are open here on Sunday, but only from 8.00 to 12.00, so you have to get yourself into Luxembourg City pretty early if you want anything.

The weather has been foul. The famous Luxembourg rain has finally arrived, so my umbrella is being put to the test (even in the couple of metres from my front door to the CVCE entrance!). Fortunately, it doesn't rain hard most of the time, just drizzle, but enough to get you pretty wet if you don't have anything to cover your head. The upside is that the temperature remains quite mild because of the constant cloud cover. Sunny weather = freezing temperature. It's getting darker earlier, which isn't very nice because my landing light has gone and I have to replace the bulb myself (I'll have to borrow a step ladder to get to the actual light because the ceilings are so high here). Everything else seems to be working.

Hope the weather is being nice to all of you, wherever you live!
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