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Luxembourg Entry No. 3

This entry will be split into two parts: what I've been up to during this past week and then my 'inner life'.

It's the end of another week of work for me. I spent most of it finishing the captions and titles that Lorraine gave me for revision (all the translations get sent out to external revisers). The reviser who takes care of the French and German translations is called Les. Les is allergic to technology, so he does everything by hand and then we have to enter the revisions into the system. This is pretty relaxing work, as I've said before, but it takes up a lot of time, especially if you have to decipher Les's handwriting, which is so bad that he should have been a doctor.

Yesterday and today I've been doing translations for an internal translator post in Lisbon (from French to English). I had three texts and they were all different: a description of a 'semi-trailer' for keeping food refrigerated, which was full of technical terms that made me want to cry; a long scientific report, pretty easy compared to the trailer text but long; and my favourite, a text about Häagen-Dazs (and no, not just because it was about ice cream). This was two pages of publicity, which is always fun to translate because you can be a little creative instead of sticking exactly to what the text says.

My international student card finally arrived, so I intend to go to the cinema tomorrow to see 'El Laberinto de Fauno'. Nearly all the cinemas in Luxembourg show films in their original format with subtitles, so if I don't understand the Spanish, I can just look at the French subtitles. I might go and see 'The Queen' and 'Little Miss Sunshine' as well. After all, the travel won't cost me anything and I need to explore the capital properly, not to mention visit the market and everything else.

In other news, I went to the supermarket restaurant with some colleagues today and had frites and Bifana (chips and grilled pork), which was nicer than you might think. Not something I'd eat every day, but hot and filling.

WARNING: graphic description of bodily functions ahead

Possibly one of the most frustrating things about living here is that my office is right across the landing from my flat, but I can't use that door. I have to walk all the way downstairs and across the yard and back again in what amounts to a great big circle. It's so pointless, especially if I get up late.

The period arrived this week on Tuesday, which wasn't too bad, probably because of all the walking I've done recently, but my God, I hate it when you're sitting there with cramps and then you go to the toilet and there is barely ANYTHING to show for it. A few splotches. The irony being that all that muscular tension actually gets you nothing. And then, with me at least, the blood comes out in a great big flood (ooh, look ma, it rhymes) and it's over after about four days. What I hate most is the build up, the waiting. Once the waiting is over, I don't mind. Hair is horribly greasy, must wash it tonight. I've got athlete's foot again (I always seem to get it when I go to a foreign country) but that shouldn't be too bad.

Had a bit of a panic this week when my mobile phone stopped working for no reason, but managed to get it going again. Was not happy about that but it seems to be functioning fine now.

I'm completely fucking obsessed by Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah (and you know I don't swear often, so that tells you something). Probably doesn't help that I discovered it as the soundtrack to an Aragon music video (I'll watch anything with Viggo Mortensen in it, even that stupid remake of Psycho). It's on YouTube if you want to have a look. I first heard this song through Rufus Wainwright, and I still appreciate his version, because the two covers are different. Wainwright's version is sad but elegiac, accepting that the relationship is over. Buckley's version is raw, far angrier, not so resigned to the break up of the relationship (and longer). Wainwright's version is piano-driven, rippling and driven, whereas Buckley's is all guitar, plaintive and tortured. Of course, I have been working out Ken and Mako's relationship in my head, so the addiction to Hallelujah might be a symptom of that. Yes, misery and longing and the inability to put things back together, that sounds about right. I know, you'd think it would be more Isamu or Takehiko's style, but they're resilient men (they have to be).

Also into Personal Jesus by Depeche Mode (because of a Firefly video, also available on YouTube). Very different songs but probably about the same level of need in both of them.

Actually, this week has been a Harry Potter week as far as creativity goes (despite that massive paragraph which I've just written). I've been writing the fourth part of Watching for Wolves, pushing myself to get it finished for the end of November, and the second James/Lily story finally decided it wanted to be written. (The first one is called Tiger Lily and the Lost Boy and it's on the Sugar Quill if you'd like to read it.) After some trouble with the title, I'm sticking with The White Hart, for various reasons, mainly to do with the subject matter of the story. I'm literally half-way through the story. Lily and James have just had a massive argument (look at the title and you might be able to guess why) and now I have to get them back together, which is going to take some very careful planning.

As for Watching the Wolves, a unicorn and a centaur have popped up, hormones are rife among the girls and Ginny is developing a sort of obsession with the Forbidden Forest (probably because it's forbidden and she's twelve heading on thirteen). At the moment, she and Luna are enduring Snape's DADA class and Luna has just come up with a plot to make sure they get the class assignment done without any technical cheating. Because she's not a Ravenclaw for nothing. ;) I'm going to finish this chapter on the night that Sirius actually gets into Gryffindor Tower, so there's a way to go yet, but it will be finished!

And I've been having loads of ideas for music videos, which is annoying because I can't make them, so I'm putting them all in a document and e-mailing it to Dejana. So you might actually get to see them sometime.

Oh and I'll be posting a little sidestory for Exiles this weekend, something featuring Helga so you can get to know her a little better.
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