From the land between Wake and Dream. (sea_thoughts) wrote,
From the land between Wake and Dream.

Pandemic Diary: Entry Eleven - Bank Holiday Monday

Met with the family (Mum and Dad, niblings, sister and brother-in-law) for lunch at the Bell in Selsley. I first went there in February 2019 with my work friend Claire for dinner, then I took Mum there last summer when restrictions eased and then Claire and I went back for our birthday meal (she has her birthday in September). I managed to grab the last spot in the car park. It was lovely to sit outdoors and for the weather to actually be good enough to sit outdoors. My sister's family recently acquired a puppy (half German Shepherd, half Labrador) so it's always better to have some shade. Her name is Daisy, she looks like a German Shepherd but she's golden all over. She loves everyone and thinks everyone loves her back, which to be fair, most people do. The kids were very tired after a full on weekend spent camping with their cousins and their cousins' dog so the suggested trip to Rodborough Common was postponed and we went back to my sister's house so they could rest. Hoping we can have more days like these.

(Heating officially off!)
Tags: family, real life

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