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Pandemic Diary: Entry Ten - First Jab Done!

I had my first vaccine on Saturday from my local GP, I arrived early, queued up, was seen within five minutes of arriving and after a mandatory 15 minute observation period, I was free to go. My only reaction has been a stiff arm and it was no worse than having exercised really hard at the gym.

The sign up was FAST: the day they opened up vaccinations to my age group, I texted my sister, who's a nurse, asking if I should wait to hear from them and she said yes, as her husband had just heard from his and he was in the age group above me. Fifteen minutes after her response, I got a text asking me to sign up and was able to book my jab. Very impressed.

I've also had my hair done - highlights put in, roots done, 6.5 cm taken off the ends as my hair had grown all the way to my shoulder blades, even though I'd only had it cut in December. When I told my hairdresser I was going to have my jab (this was last Tuesday), she asked how I'd managed that. I told her that I was 38 and she didn't believe me, although when I said "Why would I lie about being 38?" she acknowledged this was a fair point. That made me feel good, too!
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