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One week ago (September 28th), it was my birthday. I am now twenty-four years old! ^^ My biggest presents were a flat computer screen (which has freed up so much space on my desk) and an iPod nano. This means I can carry around my music now. I used to have a Walkman, but since cassettes are now practically defunct (something which I find very sad), I've now updated. Of course, it's only 4GB, so I have to be careful. I might eventually just wipe the hard drive and have my audiobooks on there instead... although God knows that they cost a lot. The OotP audiobook is £50 on ITunes! I might as well buy it on CD and then import it to ITunes as buy it on there. Even PS is £18. I also got the final volume of Banner of the Stars manga, so I have the whole collection. I also got Wallace & Gromit on DVD (which my parents seemed to have nicked so they can watch it in Cyprus). I got a red top, a pink shirt and a lovely pair of green jeans. I went to give blood, because I hadn't done this for a long time, and they were threatening to take me off the register. I tried to give blood last December, but my iron count was low. However, I found out last Thursday that it was only one point below the required amount. Obviously they need a high amount of iron in the blood, but still... it was a bit frustating to know that when I was worried about it. This time, my iron count was fine, but just before I gave blood, I felt a little faint. I was okay while lying down, but afterwards, the dizziness came back. Even in the bus station, I had to go and sit down. But I didn't faint and that's the main thing.

I got some lovely cards from my friends, so thank you all. ^^

For sm_monthly

Title: Human Skin
Author: Starsea
Theme: Sultry (Cats)
Genre: Romance/Adult
Version: Manga
Rating: R

As Luna straddled his lap, Artemis heard the crackle of lace and organdie. He wondered if she was wearing any underwear. The heat coming through his trousers suggested not. All that separated her skin and his was that thin white material and it made him shudder everywhere. She felt so hot against him, a yellow silhouette in the dim light of the control centre. The organdie was smooth under his palms, the lace was rough. He ran his hands over the curve of her hips and she bent forward. Her teeth closed upon the skin of his throat and her tongue darted out, still rough and agile. He shuddered, feeling the growl inside his throat.

"You're going to like being a man," she whispered, running her fingers down his chest. He could feel her nails, sharp and pointed, arousing him even further. God, these trousers were uncomfortable. As she brought her head up, he put one hand into the soft curls of her hair, marveling at how thick it was before bringing her face closer to his. It had been a long time since he'd kissed anyone in his human form - lips on lips, the sudden shock of being physically connected to someone. For a moment, the kiss remained gentle, then she opened her mouth and her teeth scraped against his, her tongue invading his mouth, and they were both growling deep in their throats, and her hips were burning -

"Wait!" he gasped, jerking his head back, putting his hands on her shoulders. "Not here." Not in the chair, he meant. Not in the place where they had to be cool and in control. It just wouldn't be right. He wanted to do this in a place where he could see her, where he could smell her, where he could be gentle.

"Then where?" she demanded, pushing herself off him, her voice edged with impatience.

Artemis answered almost without thinking. "Shinjuku Gyoen."

Luna's mouth opened and then a sparkle came into her eyes. "Outside?" she said, lowering her eyelids. "But it's illegal."

"For humans, maybe, but we're not technically human." Artemis stood up and straightened his clothes, aware that he was still visibly aroused. He finger-combed his hair, still rather awkward with this new form of fur. It was so much lighter than his normal coat and fingers were not the same as a tongue. He wondered if he could get away with washing his face. Probably not.

Luna laughed, combing her hair back with much more finesse. "Are you ready?"

He nodded and they both left the human way. Some people glanced at them in surprise, but as they got closer and closer to Shinjuku, they attracted less and less attention. Part of the reason Artemis had chosen that park was because they wouldn't look out of place there. In the shopping districts, everyone dressed outrageously. He and Luna were almost conservative in their outfits. They were even complemented on their cat tails, it gave just that extra touch to their cos-play. Luna put her hand over her mouth and giggled.

"If they knew they were real..."

"Don't!" Artemis muttered, looping his own tail around his wrist so it looked like he was really carrying it.

They passed through the Shinjuku Gate and walked towards the hydrangeas, hands clasped tightly. It had been a hot summer and the temperature showed no signs of dropping. Artemis could feel the sweat rising on his skin but he wasn't going to let go of her. Since the day was so hot, most people were immobile, sitting around the fountains and the pond and under trees. It didn't take them long to find a secluded spot with some thick foliage to shelter them.

Then the two of them stood there, looking at each other, suddenly awkward. Artemis knew what he wanted - he could smell what Luna wanted - but how did they begin? Keep it simple, he thought, drawing her into his arms and kissing her gently. He could feel the tension melt out of her body as she put her arms around his neck, pulling him closer. The heat of the day had drawn out the perfume of the flowers and he could smell it on her skin as he licked her neck.

Luna mewed softly with pleasure and then somehow they were down on the ground. She was unfastening the buckles that held his tunic to his trousers, pulling it up and nipping at his chest with teeth that were still sharp, causing him to hiss as he pushed her skirt up, exposing long, lovely, pale legs. No underwear. His mind reeled and he breathed in the musk of her, similar to her cat smell but stronger, earthy and leafy and designed to drive him wild. She laughed, leaning back and pulling down something in the back so the front of her dress crumpled, leaving her breasts bare for him to admire. He tried to swallow his growl of pleasure, leaning forward and licking delicately at the nipples, feeling her hands clutch his head, hearing her voice gasp his name.

"Please, Artemis... please."

"Please what?" he taunted, lifting his head. So often he had been the one bowing to her, apologising to her, and finally they were equal. He wanted to enjoy this power over her. He slid one hand up the soft flesh of her thigh and kissed her as his fingers found what they were looking for.

Luna bit his lip in retaliation, gasping for breath. "Trousers... take them off..."

Artemis licked at the cut and pulled back, finding the fastening and stripping off carefully. He could hear humans moving back and forth on either side of their clearing, unaware of what was going on. The knowledge that they were hidden, that they had found a private place in a public park, thrilled him. Luna had sat up and quietly pushed her dress down her hips so that now they were both naked. It was too hot to feel even slightly colder, but Artemis definitely felt more comfortable without his clothes. Luna flipped onto her stomach and gave him a coy look over her shoulder.

"Well?" she said.

Artemis took a moment to admire her first, the beauty of her back and buttocks, the creamy texture of her skin, the scent of her... He pressed his nose to the nape of her neck and breathed in, running a finger down her spine. Just as he'd expected, Luna raised her hips, rubbing her bottom against him, inviting him. He took a breath, parted her legs and moved forward cautiously, feeling his way in the most literal sense. She shuddered, pressing back against him. Artemis took a deep breath and plunged.

A few metres away, a picnicking family heard a loud squall and the boy looked up. "What's that, tou-san?"

His father shrugged. "Cats. Probably fighting over territory."

"Oh." The boy looked over to where the sound had come from, but he couldn't see anything. He shrugged and turned back to his bento box.

"Sorry," Luna gasped, panting. "I couldn't help it..."

"Don't apologise," Artemis told her as they moved together. "It didn't sound... human..."

"... good..."

Then the voices ceased and only bodies moved beneath the lilac flowers and green leaves, baking in the heat.

Shinjuku Gyoen - one of the most important parks in Tokyo, famed for its cherry trees in spring and hydrangeas in summer; here's a link to the official website.
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