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Pandemic Diary: Entry Nine

Spring! It's wonderful to see the blossom coming out on the trees. I am hoping to visit a local garden (probably Painswick) to see the daffodils as I didn't manage to see the snowdrops (I always say I will go and see them and then I fail to do it *sigh*).

Grace lost the barn conversion because her buyer pulled out but she has now found a semi-detached in another Somerset village and her offer has been accepted. Fingers crossed it all works out this time.

Work has been a bit busier but it's still not as busy as it was last year. I am using the extra time to catch up on my reading - my library reservations list has gone down significantly!

I saw my mum for her birthday on 12 February, which was conveniently close to the British Mother's Day this year. We had Thai takeaway on Saturday evening and then a takeaway Sunday roast from my parents' local pub so she didn't have to do any cooking on the Sunday. I have started ordering my own Sunday roast takeaway from the Black Horse in Cranham, but had to downgrade to the child's portion as the adult portion was just TOO BIG.

Both parents have had their first Covid jab (they went to Salisbury Cathedral). My sister's had her first jab, as well, since she's a nurse and works in a GP surgery. However, I am in the second to last group so I don't think I will get mine before the summer, happy to be proved wrong.
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