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Pandemic Diary: Entry Three

*points at icon* We no longer have a past or a future, just a never-ending present.

Good News

  • My sister got a new job at her local GP surgery so she will be able to WALK to work, no more commuting! (It sometimes takes her up to an hour to get home purely due to traffic.) She has a two month notice period so will start working the new job in late June/early July.

  • My floor lamp turned up three weeks early and I put it together all by myself so now I have light on both sides of the room. Putting the lampshade together was a pain in the arse: you have to unroll the shade, tape it together and then push two metal circles down inside the material, which requires a) height and b) strength. While I have a reasonable amount of strength, I am not tall so there was a lot of sweating and muttering, but it's done now, even if the shade is slightly bent in places. I told Dad that if/when we're finally able to see each other again, he can come up and re-do the thing.

  • All the books I ordered have turned up, so I am enjoying reading. Currently reading Mudlarking by Lara Maiklem and Wildwood by Roger Deakin, up next are Water Shall Refuse Them by Lucie McKnight Hardy and Nada by Carmen LaForet (in translation but hopefully I can ask one of my Spanish colleagues to get the original in the future).

  • I have discovered Scala Radio and listen during the day to help get me through. Classical music definitely helps.

  • Panic buying seems to have died down and most items are available, although it's very difficult to get eggs so I get mine from the farmshop.

  • National Theatre at Home - coming up, Danny Boyle's Frankenstein with Benedict Cumberbatch and Jonny Lee Miller (one week with Cumberbatch as the Creature and Miller as Frankenstein, the next week with roles swapped) then Antony and Cleopatra with Ralph Fiennes and Sophie Okonedo

  • The department that I applied to join in 2018 has opened up a new post so I applied yesterday!

Bad News

  • Still working from home

  • Missed my dad's birthday (12 April) and will miss my niece's (30 April) - obviously we can do video calls but it's not the same.

  • The government

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