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Pandemic Diary: Entry Two

After resisting the change with all my might, I finally started working from home on Thursday. I hate it. I have to work in the front room and I don't have an office chair, so sitting in a dining chair is already straining my back, even with cushions. I also find it hard to focus. The only upside is that I can have my radio on low so I get to hear music now, which relaxes me and makes me feel better. I also know that I shouldn't complain too much because I'm lucky to still have a job and still be getting paid (and have the opportunity to do overtime!). We are very busy at work, since we do telephone, web and video conferencing - in fact, we're classed as key workers, although this doesn't really mean much since NHS staff still get priority (as they should).

I did manage to see the new Emma before the cinemas closed and it was exquisite, very funny and beautifully shot.

Otherwise, I was a bit lightheaded the past couple of days but no cough, sore throat or high temperature so who knows - there are still all the normal viruses and illnesses going around. I feel fine in myself. I would like to drive to Rodborough Common and have a nice walk but not sure if the police will let me since so many of them seem to be using drones to spy on people.

In other news, the PM has been diagnosed with CV19 and the health secretary (AGAIN). For those who missed it, here's real footage of Dominic Cummings (the PM's advisor) making a hasty exit from Downing Street after the PM's diagnosis to the Benny Hill intro.
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