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Pandemic Diary: Entry One

For anyone who still reads this, I'm fine so far and all my family are okay. I spent last weekend in Bristol with my mum and Helen, watching Matthew Bourne's The Red Shoes at the Hippodrome. We then went to the airbnb that Helen had found for our overnight stay (Mum and I would have preferred a hotel), only to discover it had no TV or radio, just a piano. Helen then told us that we'd better not spend the entire evening reading as we were supposed to be spending "quality time" together. Basically she didn't have a book and couldn't occupy herself in any other way. We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant, Mum's first time eating Japanese food, she loved it and is happy to go back. We've decided to make this weekend away an annual event (though I think I'll be organising the accommodation next time) since we all had a good time. My train back to Gloucester broke down at Newport but fortunately they fixed it.

Hoping to go and see the new Emma at the cinema tomorrow if they don't close.
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