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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

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Fight Against Brexit
London - sunlitdays
Sorry for the radio silence. I have been reading and commenting, just haven't felt like there's much to put here in the LJ. I have been spending more time on Twitter because my first experience of a political protest in June at the first People's Vote March was so great that I immediately decided I was attending the next one and did my best to drum up support for the one that took place yesterday. This time, our Gloucestershire-wide group had three coaches instead of two. The group from Cheltenham had SIX and the group from Bath had EIGHT. This time, my mum came with me. Despite being a baby boomer, she had never attended any kind of rally or political march before (she said she was always working) but you're never too old to start. There were so many people that it took our group four hours to walk from where we started to Parliament Square and by the time our group actually reached the square, all the speeches were over and it was time to go home! But the speeches weren't the point, it was actually being there and showing how many people now want a People's Vote on Brexit with the option to remain. Mum and I found the video on YouTube of the speeches and watched them this morning.

You can look back at my entry for 24 June 2016 and see how devastated I felt after the result. For two years, I despaired of my country's future and the corrupt, incompetent government that was selling us out for money/political power. Well, after marching on 23 June 2018, I began to feel some hope again. I realised that I wasn't alone, there were many people who felt the same way. And after yesterday, I know that number has only grown. It is such an inspiring, heartening experience to march with people who ALL feel the same way you do and who want to do something rather than just moan/complain. We're a total mess, a global laughing stock, and most MPs are too scared to point this out. We will keep pushing for a vote on the final Brexit deal with an option to remain.

I went to see Giffords Circus with my sister. She has been wanting to see this for years (since before Madeleine was born) but her husband never bought her tickets so I asked for them as my birthday present. It was nice for it to be just the two of us and the circus is really charming. They have no exotic animals, just ponies and dogs, and a lot of acrobatics and gymnastic work, with a live orchestra.

I then took my first holiday of the year. I went back to Canterbury for a few days to reacquaint myself with my favourite city and meet up with jo_blogs for lunch and fandom discussion. Spent too much money in Kent but it was the only real holiday I'm having this year so I don't regret it that much. Canterbury hasn't changed all that much, except the shop where I bought my first tarot deck is now closed and empty, which was rather sad. Next time, I want to visit the cathedral again and do some more exploring of Sturry, which I never really saw while I was studying.

I will be posting more about my job in the next entry.

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Go you!! When the news were reporting the numbers, it made me very happy (and sad I couldn't be there), but damn, I hope SOMEONE takes notice.

One of the reasons the march moved so slowly is that there were far more of us than the police anticipated, apparently. :P

It was amazing to be there, I'm sorry that you couldn't attend in person but I had you and many of my other friends in mind.

Saw this today and my heart soared


We have to keep pushing!

Did you watch Doctor Who yet?

Yes, watched it with my mum. :) I was so relieved it was good.

Same here!!

And even better it did very well in underlining how one person can change the world, but also showed how she helped start a whole movement, that people can change when they work together. I needed that. ♥

Kind of like how all the small changes Moff made led to us having Jodie as the Doctor. <3

Right from Eleven's very first scene! :)

I hope they do another vote. I don't think people realized what they were signing up for.

And good for you for going to the march! That must have been an incredible feeling.

They definitely did not. There's a whole #RemainerNow community on Twitter for people who voted Leave and have now changed their minds.

It was a wonderful feeling both times. Such a positive, happy atmosphere.

(Deleted comment)
Good luck with your new party membership, Jo. I hope you meet like-minded people and that you can work towards change.

I am hoping for another vote but I would be very surprised if you get one. I am reminded of a line I read in a book (can't remember which one) where some one hopes to make up for the stupidity of the original decision by the tenacity with which they adhere to it. The conservatives seem to me to be a little like that. My sister-in-law is in the changed her mind group and is very keen for another referendum. Her excuse is that the country was lied to and that is why she voted leave. My thoughts on that are that it was pretty obvious that is was all lies and the rest of her family told her so. There are obviously a lot of people like her.

On a happier note - I am loving Dr Who! I don't think you even notice that she's a woman, she's just The Doctor. I am ridiculously excited that she comes from Huddersfield, and uses her real accent. My mother's family are all from there (have been there for centuries). When I was a child there was hardly any non-RP accent on TV just rugby league commentators and John Noakes. Blue Peter did a whole segment on why John Noakes talked in that funny way, totally assuming that none of their audience would talk like that. I wouldn't have known that it was odd to be northern if they hadn't told me.

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