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February Update

  • I still haven't seen Black Panther yet but hoping I can see it either this week or next.

  • We went to Foston's Ash for Mum's birthday - my beef was dry but the dessert was nice. Everyone else enjoyed their meals.

  • I've decided to swap my electricity provider from Ecotricity to Bulb. I really liked being a customer of a local green energy company but the costs kept going up and up. I realise some of that is due to our backwards, fossil-fuel loving government but I couldn't keep paying over £50 each month. With the new company, I'm paying almost half of that and it's still green energy. I don't have gas and I have an Economy 7 meter so that helps.

  • Went to The White Spoon in Cheltenham with my friend Claire from work. I had skate wing, green curried vegetables, lentils, sea kale & smoked bacon; Claire had shin of beef with root vegetables and miso broth. Not only was the food delicious, the atmosphere was really cosy and welcoming. We are hopefully going back there in September for our birthday meal.

  • I have been looking at places for sale. I have lived in this flat for 10 years and I feel like that's long enough.

  • Films I have seen this month: The Post and The Mercy.

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