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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Hail the Conquering Starsea!
Autumn - sunlitdays
Last week I got two of the best pieces of news that I've had in a long time. A long time. I will start with the purely amazing news first, for those of you who don't have any instant messaging programmes or who aren't reachable by text.

Back in July, I got an e-mail on my university account from the secretary of our course, who often sends us job opportunities and other things that might interest us. This e-mail was about an internship with the CVCE (Centre Virtuel de la Connaissance sur l'Europe or Virtual Resource Centre for Knowledge about Europe), situated in Luxembourg. The Centre is a public venture set up by the Luxembourg government and is basically a resource for the history of Europe. I read through the description, thought it sounded interesting, and sent off my CV. I checked my e-mail for the rest of the week, but heard nothing, so I forgot about it, thinking they must have already filled their post.

Not so. Almost a month later (16/08), I suddenly got an e-mail from someone at the centre, let us call her 'L', apologising for the lack of contact, explaining that she'd been on maternity leave. She explained some more about the job in the e-mail and also provided an information pack as an attachment. I soon discovered that the information pack really had all the information I could ever want, since it was 45 pages and covered the history of Luxembourg; the job description; the job requirements; testimonials from former interns; all the clubs, pubs and bars I might want to visit in the City of Luxembourg; places slightly further afield that are good for shopping and leisure pursuits; places even further afield for a weekend or something. Everything you'd ever need to know is in this info pack. After glancing through the job description, the testimonials and not much else (because it's 45 pages!), I e-mailed back and told L that I was still very interested and would be delighted to do a test translation.

Cut to last Tuesday, when I checked my university e-mail again. Another e-mail from L, announcing that having looked over my CV (résumé) again, I didn't need to do a test translation at all: the position was mine if I wanted it. I read the e-mail in disbelieving silence, then jumped off the bed as it began to sink in and screamed with delight, yelling "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!" up at the ceiling. For those of you who've been following my LJ, you know that I've had a lot of disappointment with job applications during the past six months, and been screwed over by one translation company, so to have this fall into my lap is just amazing. I texted all my friends and my sister, then waited with baited breath to announce the news to my father when he came home to take me out for hashing (like paperchase but with sawdust). He was in a hurry, but as the news gradually sank in, he got happier and happier. My mum was also very happy, although when she was telling her boss the next day, she couldn't remember whether I was going to Luxembourg or India! We went out on Saturday to celebrate with a meal at the Radnor Arms. If you're ever in Wiltshire, go there. The food is amazing, especially the steaks (apologies to vegetarians). The chef knows how to cook your steak bleu or rare. The desserts are delectable.

Important info: this placement lasts for two months and I get paid, €1200 to be precise. :3 Oh, and there's on-site accomodation in the chateau where I'll be working, which I have, of course, accepted. (Otherwise my mother would start panicking like mad about me having nowhere to live.)


Now for the next piece of news (contains swearing):

My other piece of news concerns the crazy woman of my last entry (which nearly all of you read, so I don't think I need to explain). I was right: shit went down. Lydia phoned me up on Friday and told me everything. Nobody liked her (George was right). The other people in the class had actually met up on Tuesday in a pub and startd complaining about her, so the atmosphere was obviously tense. Lydia had gone to the class to say goodbye to everybody on Friday, since it was the last day of the last week. Because of that, the atmosphere was relaxed and most people were milling about on one side of the room, talking and laughing. Suddenly, A storms around the partition and starts yelling about paying a lot of money and not being able to work properly (presumably because of the noise). Nick was calm at first. He said that he'd given her a lot of space and that nobody was getting in her way. Then she started complaining that Andrew (her model) wasn't there and she hadn't given him "permission" (what a familiar refrain). Nick said that she couldn't dictate the models' moves, she had to let them breathe. He said he'd given her a lot of help and attention, since she was so demanding. At which point, A lost it and yelled "HOW HAVE YOU HELPED ME?!" Then Nick got angry and yelled that he'd given her more one-on-ones than any of the other students and that if she didn't like the way he taught, she could just pack up her bags and leave, because he never wanted her to come back. A slunk away, tail between her legs.

I only wish I could have been there to see it

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I completely approve of this. XD

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Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. Laura, I'm so pleased for you. You deserve it. You'll have a fab time, get great experience and something to put on your CV. I hope you have a wonderful time. Go you!

And I'm happy to hear that there has been a satisfying conclusion to the A issue.

*big hugs*

THANK YOU! :D I'm extremely excited and looking forward to the experience. The fact I can put it on my CV is what makes me so gleeful.

I was happy to hear that karma had smacked her across the face as well. :3

*returns the hugs*

Omgod, congratulations! That sounds like the coolest thing ever. I'm bouncing around just being excited for you.

I'm really glad that someone eventually just showed that lady up. It is very...pleasant to hear.

Thank you! I was bouncing, too. Fortunately, nobody was in the house to tell me off.

I was grinning the entire time Lydia was telling me.

Yay!!! Lovely to hear the details - the internship sounds amazing. And I will definitely put the Radnor Arms on my list :-) mn mn rare steak...

Nick got angry and yelled that he'd given her more one-on-ones than any of the other students and that if she didn't like the way he taught, she could just pack up her bags and leave, because he never wanted her to come back


Let me know if you ever go there, I'd love to hear what you think. It has a great atmosphere to go with the food.

Yes, classic. XD

Oh, I'm so glad! I know this just didn't fall into your lap. You've worked hard all along and you've done the legwork of sending out resumes and going to interviews! Go you.

I'm glad karma caught up with your rude artist lady. ;)

I'm glad, too. It's been a long time coming... on both accounts. ;)




and karama is a bitch, isnt it!

Thank you! *hugs back* And no, it isn't a bitch, it's very, very useful.

Oh, congratulations! That's so exciting!

Congratulations! *pops champagne cork* I wish you well in your new job. And that woman totally got what was coming to her. There is justice in the world *nods head*.

Thank you, Seaspray. It is nice to hear about karma in action.

Congrats, Star-chan! WOOOOOOOHHHH!!! You're going to working in EUROPE!! So glamourous!!

Now...the other thing...

Karma really is a bitch, ain't it? ;)

Thanks, blue. :) I'm not sure about the glamour bit, but it's definitely exciting!

And no, karma is not a bitch, karma is wonderful.

HOLY MOTHER OF MOSES!!! That is fantastic news! Congrats!!! See, there was a reason all those shitty interviews happened, because the universe was pointing towards Luxembourg all the time! Oh wow, you're going to have a BLAST! Congrats again, and be sure to post up piccies and whatnot of the chateau, because, well, it's a chateau! And any pretty places that you visit.

Congrats again!


... laughs over what has happened to "A". She probably needs to sort herself out before life can go smoothly for her.

Thank you. I only wish I'd known where it was pointing. ^^; I'll try to remember to take my camera with me so you can all see what the chateau looks like, as well as anything else.

OOOOHHHHH!!! *dances*

That is the most awesome news ever. I'm so happy for you!!!

*dances some more*

I know! *dances with you* Isn't it fabulous?

I think I heard your happy news already; this is the job you were posting happy vents about, right? Congrats again anyway, I'm so happy for you. All the frustrated job-searchers I've been lending an ear to over the past months are finally getting jobs. ^_____^ See, I told you it would happen for you! :D

Bwahaha, I'm glad the entitlement lady got what was coming to her. I'm sure you feel really vindicated now. Income and revenge all in the same week; is there anything better? xD

Go Sea-chan go!

It's so good that I'll have work experience, and be paid for it, too. It'll do wonders for my CV. I'm over the moon.

Yes, I feel so vindicated about her. It was a really good week.

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