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From the land between Wake and Dream.

May/June Update

  • Went up to see my friend in Twickenham and we visited the Dulwich Picture Gallery to see the exhibition about Vanessa Bell (sister to Virginia Woolf). I wanted to go and see this on April Fool's Day but parents were not enthusiastic and this was the only weekend my friend was free. They not only had paintings but lots of her furniture and crafts and letters. There was also a room dedicated to Patti Smith's photographs of Charleston where Bell lived and worked for over half her life (more info). There was so much to take in that we were overwhelmed and had to leave and have a picnic in the fresh air to recover. The house looked better, more put together. The visit ended on a rather bum note because my friend was going to a brunch on Sunday and so I felt like I needed to leave quickly in the morning. We agreed to go to another exhibition at the same place later in the year.

  • Drove down to Cornwall for my May holiday by myself for the FIRST TIME. The M5 was actually accident-free for once but it seemed to take forever once I actually hit Cornwall and went back onto the A-road. The infamous mist descended once I reached Bodmin and I am not surprised there are so many folk tales about it because it kept shifting and moving and you could see shapes in there. I was very glad I was in a car. There were roadworks so I had to keep to 40mph, which was lucky as I didn't feel happy driving any faster due to the total lack of visibility. The journey was also full of long hills, which my poor little car found rather hard. I was very glad to reach my B&B. It was a converted 1930s doctor's surgery, with free off-road parking and two cats (one friendly, one not). The weather was fairly miserable for the whole time I was there but I went to the Eden Project anyway (can finally say I've been there) and also visited Charlestown for an evening meal. I drove to Liskeard and took the scenic train to Looe (even on a rainy day, it was a nice ride). Looe was out of season and not particularly busy but I had some very nice fish and chips! I hope to go back to Cornwall next year at a time when I have some more money and the weather's better. I want to see the Lost Gardens of Heligan. Hopefully I can stay in the same place as it was so convenient and the owners were so nice.

  • I attended the AGM of Woodford Court's management committee for the first time. It was an interesting and useful experience. I felt as if I were masquerading as a grown up but nobody guessed I was an impostor!
  • Went to see a live production of Measure for Measure with my friend Hilburn at the Parliament Rooms/ in Gloucester Cathedral. The production moved between all three rooms, and since we were constantly standing or sitting so near the actors, it felt like we were taking part in the play (which led to some very tense moments). The guy who played Angelo was so tall and good looking that when he walked into the room, Hilburn and I instinctively looked at each other with raised eyebrows. He had a beautiful deep voice as well. Good thing he was at college and too young for me.

  • Father's Day meal took place at The Bell at Sapperton, which Helen and Dave had been meaning to visit ever since they moved to Stroud over a year ago but had never found the time, so at least I gave them that opportunity! The Sunday lunch was very good and Maddie behaved beautifully.

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