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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Return of the Wanderer
Fly Away - iconomicon
Just got back from a week in Cyprus with the family, which was lovely but had very limited internet access so will be catching up on entries and commenting today and tomorrow. Aside from a three hour delay on the outward flight(!) due to poor weather conditions and then debris on the runway (caused by an Airbus CRACKING THE TARMAC according to Twitter), we all had a good time. Madeleine behaved so well, honestly could not have asked for more from her, she was so sunny and happy despite the change in time zone and the heat. I don't think my sister will suggest going there in June again, haha.

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Ugh at the three hour wait on the runway but I'm glad the trip went well!

Yeah, it was really awkward. The main issue was the lack of communication from flight control. The captain kept giving us updates when he could (first the weather, then the runway problem) and the crew gave us complimentary drinks to apologise for the delay. After a couple of hours, the captain told us that because of the delay, they were going to overrun the maximum amount of time they were allowed to work (legally) and would have to swap out with another crew. This was when the drinks and food were supposed to be replenished but then flight control informed the crew we'd be leaving in 15 minutes instead of 55 minutes but STILL wouldn't tell them when exactly we were leaving. So then the crew were told they were flying to Cyprus and staying overnight in a hotel (much cheaper than putting all of us passengers up for the night in the UK). As they'd already handed out complimentary drinks, we ran out of drinks and food while in the air so some people were upset about that but it's not like the crew could do anything about it. The awful thing is that when we reached Cyprus, the crew still hadn't been booked into a hotel, despite the delay. I really hope EasyJet found them a place for the night.

Yay for lovely time with family, and hardly any Internet access. Those breaks are needed.

Yes, it was good to have a bit of a detox. I could check my emails and the news but that was about it.

Welcome back home and to LJ :) Great you had a wonderful time :D

Glad you had a lovely time, despite the shaky start. Delays are stressful when you're not sure what's going on.

Thanks! It could have been better but these things happen. Madeleine coped well, which was my main concern.

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