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Spring - luna_ann


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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It's springtime
Spring - luna_ann
I have been sick on and off since my last entry so I'm sorry to have been absent. D&V, plus fever, plus hot and cold rushes. Joy! This has also interrupted my gym sessions because if I can barely manage going to work, I'm not going to the gym. Back on track now and hoping to stay there. Getting sick so often is frustrating because I couldn't plan for anything. Overtime? Nope. A meal out with friends? Nope. Cinema? Only if I take a whole box of tissues and prayed my throat didn't get too dry (which is how I saw Zootropolis aka Zootopia and The Jungle Book). I loved them both by the way.

I've also seen Civil War, I Saw The Light and Miles Ahead, feel free to ask my opinion.

Recently rediscovered the album Tiger Bay by Saint Etienne. Originally released in 1994 (*sob*), the version I have is the 1996 re-issue, which I bought in 2004. The re-issue includes the band's biggest commercial hit He's On The Phone. The song embedded below perfectly captures springtime for me.


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(Deleted comment)
Civil War: good but emotionally devastating

I Saw The Light: Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen give excellent performances which are squandered by an average bio-pic that zips through its subject's life at lightning speed despite the fact Hank Williams died when he was only 29. There are really awkward faked black-and-white interviews in an attempt to frame the story. The film doesn't even touch on Hank Wiliams's death.

Miles Ahead: Don Cheadle gives an amazing performance as Miles Davis backed up by Ewan McGregor as a (fictional) journalist. This film is everything I Saw The Light is not: irreverent, inventive, daring.

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