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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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It's springtime
Spring - luna_ann
I have been sick on and off since my last entry so I'm sorry to have been absent. D&V, plus fever, plus hot and cold rushes. Joy! This has also interrupted my gym sessions because if I can barely manage going to work, I'm not going to the gym. Back on track now and hoping to stay there. Getting sick so often is frustrating because I couldn't plan for anything. Overtime? Nope. A meal out with friends? Nope. Cinema? Only if I take a whole box of tissues and prayed my throat didn't get too dry (which is how I saw Zootropolis aka Zootopia and The Jungle Book). I loved them both by the way.

I've also seen Civil War, I Saw The Light and Miles Ahead, feel free to ask my opinion.

Recently rediscovered the album Tiger Bay by Saint Etienne. Originally released in 1994 (*sob*), the version I have is the 1996 re-issue, which I bought in 2004. The re-issue includes the band's biggest commercial hit He's On The Phone. The song embedded below perfectly captures springtime for me.


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I'm so sorry you're sick, hon. The weather has been crazy in New York. Unseasonably cold and rainy, now unseasonably hot and humid. I had to run the air conditioner twice in two nights. Ugh.

*hug* I'm better now, finally. The weather has been really changeable over here, as well. We had a really mild winter so a lot of the bugs and viruses that might have died out are still around.

Same here re: bugs plus high pollen so allergies are bad and, in my case, usually lead to sinus infections too. Its bern awful.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

Same here re: bugs plus high pollen so allergies are bad and, in my case, usually lead to sinus infections too. Its bern awful.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

I'm sorry to hear about the constant sickness! I hope you get a reprieve soon.

What were your thoughts on Civil War?

Gripping but emotionally draining to watch everyone fighting like that. I appreciated that it was written so you could see both side of the argument. I ended up feeling incredibly sorry for Bucky (imagine going out for groceries and seeing that you've been framed for international terrorism) and I also felt sorry for Tony as well. I also thought the "So was I" line played much better in the film than it did in the trailer.

I felt awful for Bucky. While I always thought he'd been wronged, in this movie he was much more humanized (instead of just on killing machine mode) and so I empathized with him more.

I liked Ant-Man and Spidey in the movie...it needed some levity with so much heartbreak and sadness.

Scott was great as the everyman (his geeking out over Steve and the others was adorable). It was really nice to see a young Peter Parker.

It was really nice to see a young Peter Parker. Agreed. I wasn't sure how I was going to like yet another new casting of Spidey, but I loved him and I think he's the truest-to-character casting of Spidey yet. He was awesome.

Fandom's reaction to him reminds me of the reaction to Ruffalo as Bruce Banner in Avengers: from "Ugh... they recast Bruce Banner, who is this dude" to "OMG MARK RUFFALO IS AMAZING". Now it's gone from "Ugh, they recast Spidey AGAIN" to "Spider-Man was one of the best bits of the movie".


I, however, have loved Mark Ruffalo since 13 Going on 30 so I was always on board with his casting ♥

Oh, I know there were people who were behind his casting, but you know the majority ranged from "meh" to "BOOO".

(Deleted comment)
Civil War: good but emotionally devastating

I Saw The Light: Tom Hiddleston and Elizabeth Olsen give excellent performances which are squandered by an average bio-pic that zips through its subject's life at lightning speed despite the fact Hank Williams died when he was only 29. There are really awkward faked black-and-white interviews in an attempt to frame the story. The film doesn't even touch on Hank Wiliams's death.

Miles Ahead: Don Cheadle gives an amazing performance as Miles Davis backed up by Ewan McGregor as a (fictional) journalist. This film is everything I Saw The Light is not: irreverent, inventive, daring.

Glad to hear you're feeling better. Love St. Etienne. Bob Stanley's book, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah: The Story of Modern Pop is well worth reading if you haven't come across it before.

I haven't read that! Will put it on my list!

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