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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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March in Brief
London - sunlitdays
Better update before March is over! It's hard to update when I feel like I'm wasting my time in this place and like everyone is achieving things when I am too scared to even write a word sometimes.

The big excitement is that my old team leader's secondment has ended unexpectedly and she is now coming back to my department. However, my current team leader wasn't even allowed to tell us this herself: the head of our call centre (who is also the one who agreed to our training over the busiest period) went ahead and sent out an email announcing it to EVERYONE. Even the head of our department wasn't told about this and had to scramble and send out ANOTHER email explaining what was going on. Needless to say, my current team leader was severely unimpressed by this mess. After having one team leader leave without explanation and then being split into other teams, then having her announced as the team leader with no warning, the last thing she wanted was for us to find out this way. I told her to her face that I feel she's been badly treated and none of the team blames her for what happened. Not only did she have no control over leaving the job, she had no control over telling us. And so now, she's leaving the company completely and it's her last day tomorrow.

The good news is that my LBT (Legs, Bums and Tumms) class is starting to have an effect on my legs and my bum. Still waiting to see an effect on the tummy but I only go to one class a week at the moment. I'm thinking of going to the gym where the class leader works to see if I can make a bigger improvement. My mum has been staying with me so the flat is clean and I can talk to someone after work about how frustrating it is.

Dad and I went to London yesterday to see the Turner and the Sea exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich (aka the place where Jane and Thor confront Malekith in The Dark World). It was a beautiful sunny day, the exhibition was stunning and we had a great home-cooked lunch at the Green Pea on Trafalgar Road. Then we slogged up the hill to the Royal Observatory so Dad could look at the clocks. I was more interested in the beautiful Dolphin Sundial in the Titanic Memorial Garden. The tips of the two dolphins' tails form the line of the hour. It is extremely accurate.

Currently reading: The Wonderful Adventures of Mrs Seacole in Many Lands

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You know, I sat by that sundial some years ago, but I don't remember it being the Titanic memorial garden. I think I was a bit worn out...

I think it was renamed as such for the 2012 anniversary. It's a lovely garden.

Just did some more research and it was apparently opened in 1995 so it's much older than I thought! I'm not surprised you were worn out if you walked up the hill!

You get up to some interesting things in your spare time. Sounds like a fun exhibition! I've recently thought LJ should have a 'Currently Reading' setting in addition to a 'Music' setting.

I don't want to sit around being one of those people who never does anything because they're single, so I often go to the cinema by myself or do things with my family. My parents came up last weekend with my sister and we all went to see Monuments Men at the Guildhall.

BTW, I owe you the most belated thank you for your birthday wishes. Sometimes Yarrow makes me forget whether I'm coming or going.

I always like reading your updates! Don't feel like you have to be posting marathon times every day or something. Everybody goes through times that seem kind of sloggy sometimes, and I think it helps when we share them so that everybody doesn't feel like they have to be perfect or spectacular all the time. I mean, heck, this isn't Facebook. :)

Thanks, Kit. :) I used to update this LJ much more frequently than I do and I feel a bit guilty about that, even though I shouldn't. And no, this isn't Facebook, thank God!

Uh. Work drama is the worst. Thank goodness you have some interesting things to do on the weekends. Once you're out of school, it's hard to cultivate those parts of us that employers don't care about. But creativity and curiosity and all those things are important to a happy life. Sounds like you're doing your best to find that balance. *hugs* Always good to hear from you.

It is hard, yes. *hug* Thanks for your support.

Eck, that sounds like management needs some work with their communication - which is mildly ironic since it's a call center (?)...

Good luck to you with the tummy work - though I've been pretty active with BJJ the past year, I simply like eating too much ^^;

Also, I kinda love that y'all went somewhere just to look at clocks. There's something about that that just makes me happy for some reason.

Yeah, that's the main joke, how much they suck at communication.

Haha, that's my problem, too. Eating too much.

The clocks were more for Dad than me. But there were some beautiful specimens there.

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