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Archive for R Drabbles

Drabbles written for the sm_monthly February themes, stored here because of their rating.

Title: Being A Gentleman
Author: Starsea
Theme: Old-Fashioned
Genre: Romance, Angst
Version: Manga (set in the "Exiles" timeline)
Rating: R (for swearing and sexual innuendo)

He hadn't meant to overhear them - they weren't even being loud - but he couldn't help it. Walking past Takehiko's room in the summer house, he heard a woman's voice, low with arousal and smouldering rage.

"Why don't you just fuck me? Why don't you just tear off my clothes and fuck me until we're both so tired we can't move? I know you want to, I can see it in your eyes. Do you know how long it's been since someone loved me properly, Kunzite? Do you know how many centuries I've waited for you to be in the same time and place and at least within ten years of my age? Not to mention waiting for you to reclaim your soul! And now, now when all those factors are right, you tell me you're not ready?!"

For a few terrifying seconds, Mamoru had thought it was Minako. The voice was definitely hers - but he heard 'Kunzite', he felt as if his brain had been jolted. Minako would never use that name. Yet it was most definitely her voice.

Then Takehiko spoke and his voice was slightly different as well: somehow harsher, cooler, older. "If you've waited so many centuries, as you keep insisting, a few more weeks won't make much difference. May I remind you that in this lifetime, we have to be even more careful than before? And that the social expectations are different? It is not enough to simply use our past acquaintance as an excuse, you know that as well as I. People would notice if we disappeared for an entire afternoon. Think."

Kunzite. Kunzite and Venus. Having a very intimate argument. Mamoru was amazed that Kunzite could actually still talk coherently, let alone argue with her. Venus's powers of persuasion had been legendary back in the Silver Millennium. Mamoru had never felt the slightest attraction to Venus but he was finding the low throb of desire in her voice fascinating, even through the small crack in the door. He didn't want to think what it would be like sitting in the same room as her.

"Why do you have to be a gentleman?" Venus's voice rose and Mamoru found himself aching inside at the unfulfilled longing it held. "You always were too principled for your own damn good. I could go out and pick any one of those guests, lead him into the cherry orchard, give him the ride of his life. How would you like that?!"

"If you were going to do that, you would have done it already," Kunzite replied, cooler than ever. "But you wouldn't let Minako humiliate herself like that and you certainly wouldn't get any satisfaction." The slightest hint of satisfaction coloured his voice. "Or would you like the kissing to stop as well?"

There was a pause, then Venus said in a low, choked voice, "I hate you." Mamoru leaned his head against the door and felt himself agreeing with her. He didn't know how to break free from this enchantment. It was obvious that Minako still didn't know the extent of her power.

"You may hate me as much as you wish, just don't extend it to other people."

Mamoru suddenly heard Kunzite's voice draw nearer and he jumped back just as the door opened wider. It was such a shock to see the silver hair and green eyes that he couldn't speak for a moment. There were lines on Kunzite's forehead but that was the only evidence of pressure. He reached out and made an action as if pulling a veil from Mamoru's head.

"Go," he said quietly. "It's dangerous to be here at the moment."

Mamoru nodded silently and turned. He felt Kunzite's eyes on him as he walked to the stairs. As always, he was impressed with his head guard's fortitude and stubborn adherence to his principles, however 'old-fashioned'. Yet he couldn't help wondering how long this resistance would last. He wondered if he ought to give Takehiko some tips. Yet how could he advise Takehiko to abstain when he'd ended up giving in?

He would have to rely on another of Takehiko's 'old-fashioned' principles: self-reliance and practise one of his own, discretion.

Title: Only You
Author: Starsea
Theme: Femmeslash
Genre: Romance
Version: Anim/Manga
Rating: R

Setsuna woke up and stared at the white back in front of her, tracing its curves with her eyes; but that wasn't enough. Soon she reached out and followed the lines with one finger, up and down and around. Silver hair was spread all around her like a filigree spiderweb and she kissed the warm nape in front of her, breathing in the scent of moonflower and flesh.

A sleepy murmur.

She slid an arm around the tiny waist, pulling her beloved back against her even as she began to stroke her stomach. "Good morning," she whispered, voice hoarse from sleep, nibbling on a delicate pink ear.

A small sigh and a movement, deliciously round buttocks pressing against her stomach. "I should go soon..."

"Not yet," Setsuna begged instantly, sliding her hand down between the soft thighs, finding the secret flesh already moist. "Stay a little while... just a little while longer. You've got time... my Queen..."

Serenity spread her legs wider and tried not to moan. "Yes... I've got time," she whispered, closing her eyes as the taller woman licked her neck and every muscle inside her belly tightened.

It was always the same. Setsuna would never let her reciprocate; she would always be the one to dominate or 'pay homage' as she put it. And then Serenity would leave.

"Oh," she moaned as Setsuna's other hand cupped one of her breasts, caressing, driving her body towards the edge.

Even though she was the Queen, in this bed she was powerless. Perhaps that was why she kept coming back.

Time held me green and dying
Though I sang in my chains like the sea...

Title: Scars from the Gender War
Author: Starsea
Theme: Blood
Genre: Sexual Comedy
Version: Manga
Rating: R

He let out a long satisfied sigh. The sheet beneath him was sticky and smelled of sex. His pillow smelled of sex. Everything smelled of sex. He reached out and pulled Usagi to him, burying his nose in the nape of her neck. He loved this smell.

She stroked the back of his arm and he smiled, nipping at her skin. She jumped. "Mamo-chan," she protested, her voice still husky. "I'm still sensitive..."

"I know," he murmured, grinning to himself, then winced. His back was stinging, aching. He reached over his shoulder and hissed in pain, quickly bringing his hand back. The fingertips were stained red. "You really scratched me!" he exclaimed.

Usagi turned over; her eyes widened but then she giggled. "I thought you liked it rough, Mamo-chan?" she said innocently, blue eyes sparkling through strands of silver-blonde hair.

"I'll have to get in the shower and wash with cold water," he muttered, sitting up and swinging his feet onto the floor.

"Want me to help?" she offered, raising herself up on one elbow.

He looked at her briefly. "It'll be cold water, Usako."

"I know," she said with a smile. "But I want to help."

Mamoru considered. "Well... I suppose you could help," he conceded. "You could hold the showerhead."

"Hold the shower head, right!" she said brightly, turned over and bounced into his small bathroom. Mamoru watched her go. It wasn't often he had the opportunity to openly admire her backside. Another sting made him stand up, wincing. Maybe after they'd washed the cuts... they could have a proper shower.
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