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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

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November Catch Up
DWTardis - famira
Finally saw Thor: The Dark World and am even more of a Jane Foster fangirl than I was before, but also rather annoyed that we didn't get more Sif. Ambiguous about Frigga's fate. People who complain about Loki's storyline in the film seem to miss the point that Loki always flirts with redemption but NEVER actually attains it, because in the end, Loki cares most about Loki.

Most of the second half of November has been taken over by Doctor Who and the 50th Anniversary celebrations. Apart from Google debuting its wonderful Doctor Who mini-game (which I still haven't beaten because the last level always defeats me) and Yahoo turning its logo into the TARDIS, everybody in this country seemed to go DW mad yesterday. Absolutely loved Day of the Doctor. Moff not only made me happy to see David and Billie again but he even managed to make me love "I don't want to go" aka my most hated Ten moment. John Hurt was brilliant, of course, plus the long-awaited cameo from You Know Who. The screen practically dripped with money and it was nice to see the BBC didn't scrimp for once.

To be honest, I think my favourite thing about the whole celebration was Peter Davison's contribution The Five(ish) Doctors Reboot. You really need to see this somehow, because it is hilarious, rampant meta, starring Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy with cameos from EVERYONE (and I really do mean everyone).

Have bought most of my big Christmas presents for the family already. Off to see Gravity this evening, hopefully it lives up to expectations. Will be making a Christmas cards post in the next week or soon.

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Interestingly, I thought that Jane was pretty much the weakest part of the film: Natalie Portman was basically there to earn a paycheck and she sucked the energy out of every scene she was in. (And when you are sharing scenes with Kat Dennings, that is a LOT of energy.) I mean, she is good actress. I have seen her act. And you'd think that after ALL of the turkeys she has been in (Star Wars), that she'd have figured out how to phone it in convincingly, but no. (Also phoning it in: Anthony Hopkins.)

Furthermore, her character didn't DO anything other than be whisked about from one place to the next and play with a remote control. The science wasn't even hers; it was Eric Selvig's. About half way through the movie, I was like, "Dammit, Christopher Eccleston, just kill her already.)

Also, just give Hiddleston his own movie, already. The MCU only really has two really great characters, and RDJ is pretty much off the table at this point.

Also: please give me some Carol Danvers in the movies and I will take the Runaways whichever way I can get them. (I am super excited for the Jessica Jones TV show. You have no idea.)

My thoughts on The Day of the Doctor vaguely mirror my thoughts on Prometheus, in that I think I could write essays about what was going on narratively, despite my views on the actual special. Main difference: Prometheus was a terrible movie while Day of the Doctor was pretty much the best thing Moffat has touched since the The Impossible Astronaut. It was also the SMARTEST the show has been in years. But was it my favorite story? No. In the top 10? Yes, but barely.

Also, whenever Peter Davison gets his friends together to write a fun fannish thing, it is always enjoyable. ALWAYS.

I guess we'll just have to disagree on Jane and Natalie, though I do think it didn't help that the storyline required her to fall unconscious for about 15-30 minutes and didn't allow us any insight on what Jane thought or felt about having this alien presence take over her body. I do have to disagree that the science was all Erik's. She came to London to work with him but he wasn't in the right mental state. While her work wasn't directly connected to Erik's, it was more conclusive: while Erik was inaccurately pinpointing data at Stonehenge, Jane’s work and devices tapped her into whatever pocket dimension the Aether was being held, i.e. she's further ahead than him. She then converted the same device into being able to predict when the pockets would appear so they could defeat Malekith.

I would like a Loki movie if only so that the Loki stans stop whining about it. I would love a Carol Danvers movie and a Black Widow movie, too. I do NOT just want a lot of her in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Kevin Feige.

Day of the Doctor was pretty much the best thing Moffat has touched since the The Impossible Astronaut.

Oh, I don't know about that. I loved Asylum of the Daleks and The Name of the Doctor but I know I'm in a minority.

I honestly wish there could be a miniseries of Baker, Davison and McCoy. They could release it over the web.

Yeah, we are really going to have to disagree on Jane because your interpretation of what she had going on was not how I remember it happening at all. I mostly remember her getting some readings which any person looking at a screen can do, not bothering to interpret them at all and then randomly stumbling into an alternate dimension. And then when she gets there, proves that she got her science degree from the same university as that biologist from Prometheus: The School of Let's Touch the Strange and Mysterious Anomaly Because We Are Stupid And Safety Is For Punks. Seriously, a good scientist's first thought is not going to be, "Ooh, let's touch the thingies!"

The constant misrepresentation of science and scientists in media MIGHT be an ongoing pet peeve of mine. (So much so that I get really bothered every time Agent Simmons does anything on Agents of SHIELD. Science doesn't have to be accurate because fiction, but that's not an excuse to not try.)

Yeah, I haven't been happy with Doctor Who, recently. Like, I pretty much hated the entirety of season 7 and all of Moffat's episodes on the back half of season 6. Which is all the more disappointing considering the near perfection of season 5.

We enjoyed The Day of the Doctor but loved The Five(ish) Doctors! I thought it was great that they even got Sean Pertwee and David Troughton involved. Sarah got back from university in time to watch it together (as we have since they brought it back with Christopher Eccleston). I quite enjoyed the TV film about William Hartnell too.

The Five(ish) Doctors was amazing! Especially Janet Fielding waking Peter up. An Adventure in Space and Time (or, as my friends and I like to call it, An Adventure in Space and Tears) was brilliant: well acted, well directed, well written.

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