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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Posing for Portraits, Posing for Interviews, London
Autumn - sunlitdays
Since stmargarets said that I haven't really posted much about myself lately, here's an entry to tell you what I've been doing. I have to say that the voices on Leaky Mug #4 are really annoying me. They all sound like they're on a sugar high.

I've been procrastinating. I really should be working more on my dissertation than I am, but I have so many things I want to do that I end up doing none of them. Does that sound familiar to you? I have the second James/Lily story, which needs maximum concentration, but I can't do that because my conscience keeps nagging me about the dissertation. I am planning Part IV of Watching for Wolves, but I haven't actually written anything down yet. More procrastination. I suppose what is really bugging me is that I still don't know what's wrong with Chapter Six of Exiles; my beta reader has been busy, I understand that. It doesn't stop me wanting to grind my teeth with frustration. I want that chapter back so I can edit it and put it up and get that done... then everything else can be put in some sort of order. Does this make sense? God, their laughs are really irritating me.

My job finally began this week. For those who don't know (which is probably most of you on LJ), I got a job through my dear friend Pid. This job is posing for a summer art school in Salisbury; specifically posing for portraits. No life classes, which is what my parents immediately assumed when I told them.

Parents: You're posing NUDE?!
Me: No, I'm not, like I'd tell you if I WERE, and thanks for letting me how you would react if that were actually the case. Lets me know I'd be right not to tell you.
Parents: ^^;;;;
Me: I get paid £90 a week.
Parents: £______£

You see, as long as I'm doing something that gets me paid, they're happy.

You might think posing for portraits would be boring, but it's not. If you can stand to sit still and stare at a certain place, in a certain position, you learn quite a lot. People walk back and forth, getting the angle right. It's not silent, either, which is what I thought it might be. People talk all the time, which makes it nice. They click their tongues, they sigh, they mutter, they laugh. And of course there's N, who runs this summer school. N is a great teacher, but he comes out with some extremely amusing comments (amusing to us models, that is).

On Pid's portrait: It's very Addams Family, isn't it?
On my portrait: Nostrils are far too big. You could drive express trains up them.

(Cue Pid and me trying desperately not to laugh.)

On my posing: Are you all right? You were twitching.
Me: It runs in my family.

Because my mum paid for my gym membership, I owed her £30, but I still managed to put some money away after I bought a gorgeous green skirt in the Monsoon sale. And I have a full £90 coming in at the end of next week. Sweeeeeeeet.

I had an interview on Thursday with a translation company in London. For those of you who know London, this company is on Charlotte Street, very near Charing Cross Road, with all my favourite bookshops. The job itself is not a translating job per se, but the point is that I get some experience and get to know the translating world. If I get the job, I will be an Internal Revisor. Anyway, jo_blogs kindly met me at Waterloo and showed me around the area. We then went to a café and talked a lot about our stories and the characters in general, especially Percy and his family position. Then I went for my interview. I think it went well, I tried to be as positive and focused as possible. I really want this job and I said so. Now all I can do is wait and hope.

After this, we met up in Culpeper's (the branch was closing down for some reason, which was sad, but I got three preserves for 68p), then went to the British Museum and looked at Rembrandt sketches before making our way to the V&A museum. This wouldn't have been so bad if the Piccadilly line had been working properly, but there were 'minor' delays, so the trains were packed. We finally got out at South Kensington and walked down the subway (noticing three little girls holding hands on the way, very sweet). The V&A was very impressive, very big and very tiring. We felt dizzy after five minutes, so we decided to leave and get something to eat and drink. There was a patisserie right across the road, so we went in there. It was very nice, although their supplies were running low. What we finally had still tasted very good. Then we caught the bus back to Charing Cross Road, got out just by Foyles (my favourite place in the whole world) and went in. I finally bought one book after much deliberation: 48 Shades of Brown by Nick Earls. Very wry and funny. jo_blogs walked me back to Waterloo Bridge, I introduced her to the Embankment WCs and we parted company. The evening sky turned into a blue that you only get at the end of a perfect day. I really hope they ask me back for a second interview.

And there you are. All caught up.

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It's good to hear from you! And you're a model - so cool. In olden times only the very rich and distinguished would have to sit for their portrait to be painted. Let us know if you end up in a museum or a gallery!

Why does dogstar get to meet everyone? *whines* It sounds like you had a great day. And all those museums! What fun. I hope you get the job if that's what you want to do.

I can sympathize with waiting for your beta. When you're ready to post, you're ready!

It's thanks to Pid I have this job, so I'm very grateful. I doubt I'll end up in a museum or gallery, since these are only studies.

She doesn't get to meet 'everyone'... we just happen to live in the same country, which helps. ;) It was a great day... the V&A really needs a day to itself.

I hope I get the job, too.

Good to know I'm not the only person who gets impatient. ^^;

As long as they keep coming, I'll keep getting to meet them :) So nice talking about characters and fanfic with someone who 'gets it'.

But Laura - er, dissertation? You kept that one quiet, unless you did mention it and I'm even harder of hearing than I thought.

Re: It's a London thing

I did mention it in passing, when we were eating lunch. There were just more interesting things to talk about.

Re: It's a London thing

I'm sorry - I really *am* quite hard of hearing. Is this one you have to finish for your Masters? I got the impression you'd already finished it! Oh, oh - it's coming back to me now. *headdesk*

What was the name of that author who writes a good characterisation of Snape? Something Wordsmith wasn't it?

Re: It's a London thing

Igenlode Wordsmith ^^

Glad to see I did mention it.

*sigh* life drawing class is so fun. I've drawn nude and clothed models; I disliked the nudes for the simple reason that the heat had to be turned up for them, and it made the studio sauna-like. Do you look at the artists' work at the break? It's so much fun to see different people's interpretations of the same subject!

I agree about waiting for your beta; it is hard, hard, hard. On the other hand, they always know your work so well, they leave really good reviews!

Of course I look! The woman who was painting me produced a better likeness but I thought my charcoal portrait was very interesting. I looked as if I was staring at something no one else could see... They had lots of difficulties with my eyes, because they were so big. And apparently, because I don't have many angles in my face, that makes it more challenging.

Sounds like a fantastic day :)

You model...cool!! Maybe you can send over a pic SO I KNOW WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!!

I'll be wandering around come Friday next, wondering which female you are :P

I agree on the beta bit. Bet mine's ready to kill me since I haven't sent the promised ch6 to him. I'm hoping my muse returns when I get there. I can't get any more muse-ic (is that a word?) than actually being IN England (well, for me, the American, that is...)

I'm going to stop talking now...

I'm not looking very good at the moment, I'll try and get one sent over next weekend. *rolls eyes* Stop making a fuss.

I believe the word you are looking for is 'inspired'.

Fuss?? I do not...fuss. I bitch :D

'Inspired' is a good word, yes. See what I mean? No insperation at all!

Yay! You're working, that is excellent news.

I always find that when I have something with a deadline, I'll do any but what I should be doing right up until the last minute. Then I panic. So yes, your dissertation problem sounds very familiar.

Pleased to hear the interview went well on Thursday. My fingers will be crossed for you. Sorry I didn't get in touch, but I'm glad you had fun with jo_blogs.

Thanks, Kate. ^^ I'm enjoying having some money in my account, that's for sure. I'll hopefully see you on Saturday 19th?

What a cool life!

... That's not a compliment people give other people very often is it? Seriously, though. Hope you get that second interview.

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