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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Last Half of April
Spring - luna_ann
The second half of April was not as much fun as the first: I broke the frame of my glasses; the new pair cost £134, which took a big chunk out of my bank account. Then the back wheel of my bike was punctured and I had to leave it in the shop over the weekend until I could pay for it.

The first half of May has been very busy and deserves its own post, which will come soon, just wanted to update this and let everyone know I'm still here. :)

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Hey, Jo!

Fancy going to see the HP Studio Tour with me if you haven't been already? I was supposed to be going with someone but she's not responding to my texts.

Hi Laura, sorry for taking so long to reply. I was on holiday in Suffolk all last week and just got home yesterday.

Thank you for inviting me to go with you to the studio tour - I really appreciate it and would really like to see you, it's been ages. However, I'm not sure it's something I want to do. For one thing, I think seeing the sets would detract from my memories of the books. I've seen the films but it's quite easy to forget about them once they're over :). Also, I tend to get antsy after about 10 minutes at exhibitions - even (or especially) when it's something I'm interested in - and then I get exhausted and ratty. Too much stimulation for me.

I have an idea though it depends on a few things including when you were hoping to go - amamama and her family are coming to the UK in July and it's possible they may want to go on the tour as they are all big Potter fans. I'd be happy to come with and just hang out in the cafe with a book while those who want to do the tour enjoy themselves! Do you want me to find out?

That's okay!

I understand about exhibitions, that can happen to me as well.

Would love to go with Berte and her family but depends on when they are coming as I can only do weekends and you have to book in advance. Let me know when they are planning on coming and I'll see if there are spots. :)

Quote from Berte :)

"Going to Leavesden with Laura would be great! I actually mentioned the studios a little while ago, and when I asked the kids now, they were both "you need to ask? OF COURSE!"

So, with that question settled, I have been thinking about dates and I think the only possible day that can work is Sunday 30th June, as they arrive on the 29th and leave on July 5th. My fingers are crossed that we can work this out!

Ah, I don't think I can do the 30th, sorry. :( Sundays are difficult when you have to use public transport and I won't have my car yet at that time.

Oh, what a shame. Well, if you want company when you go, my offer to come as far as the cafe still stands!

My sister and I are now going at the end of July, but I would love to go and see Bonnie's play with you at the Southwark Theatre if you're up for it?

I'm hoping things are going well.

Yes, not bad! I will write a catch up entry very soon, promise!

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