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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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April So Far
Spring - luna_ann

  1. Went to my friends' dad's memorial service. The world and his wife turned up, which was great for their dad, but not so great if you wanted to talk to the family. I managed to say hi to both the girls but we didn't hang around for long. We stayed for the toast to their dad with the local beer and we had some hog roast and then we left. I finally showed my parents Rango and they really enjoyed it!

  2. Had my first mock driving test on Thursday. One major and six minors. If you get even one major, you automatically fail, but I expected that and thought I did pretty well otherwise. My parallel parking was perfect and I didn't ask my instructor for guidance once. I also learned how to emergency stop. However, two hours of my instructor complaining about her life and her marriage took its toll and I was on the point of tears by the time I got home. It didn't help that she was running nearly two hours late, so the mock started at 7pm instead of 5pm.

  3. It was my dad's birthday on Friday. I bought him the new Jools Holland CD by myself. We went out for a meal on Saturday at Da Vinci because he knows the owner-chef and we always get a discount on the total bill. I had scallops, cannelloni verde and panna cotta. Mum, Helen and I paid the final bill, which was £160 even with the discount!

  4. The Prague holiday is officially going ahead! Dad has booked the hotel and the flight. We are going on my birthday weekend, and we will be staying here. I am so excited, I've always wanted to go to Prague. I promise to take lots of photos, and this time I won't be relying on my sister to send them to me.

  5. Really happy that Doctor Who is back on television. I love Eleven and Clara's dynamic and can't wait to find out more about Clara.

Hope everybody is okay. :)

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Um, 2 hours for a driving test? That just sounds cruel and unusual >_<

But completely opposite: Prague!! That's so exciting! I'm glad you have such a wonderful trip to look forward to - gosh knows you deserve it <3

Haha, no, the test itself takes around 40-45 minutes, but the lesson is two hours so we can do the test and then go over what I did wrong. ;)

I am so excited about Prague! Thank you, Ducky.

Wow, what a lot of news - how fantastic to be having your birthday in Prague. But not so nice to have to deal with your driving instructor's complaining. I probably would have lost my cool, so I applaud your forbearance.

I don't know if it's forbearance or just grim determination to hang on until I pass my test, haha. ;) I am looking forward to Prague so much.

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