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Autumn - sunlitdays


The Sea of Stars

Water-stained pages, pebbles and traces of stardust

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Fic LJ Master List Updated! & Friends List Clearing
Thoughtful - helensheep
My masterlist on my fanfic LJ has been updated! I am also finally uploading my Ginny story Watching For Wolves on there, so if any of my HP friends still read this LJ and are interested in finding out how it ended, please comment.

I'm also thinking about clearing my friends' list. Many people aren't on LJ any more or very rarely. If you haven't posted in over a year, then I will probably defriend you. It's not personal, it's just to make my friends' list more manageable. If you don't want me to defriend you, just commment here.

I hope to post a real life update soon, and actually complete my account of Paris. My sister still hasn't sent me the photos or that would have been done a long time ago!

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Please don't defriend me! I read and enjoy your posts.

You've been keeping your LJ updated, dear, no de-friending from me. *hugs*

(Deleted comment)
Don't worry, Dom, not defriending you or Gemma. :)

nooo please don't de-friend! i'm not so active on the posting side of things lately, i admit, but i still love reading and catching up with everyone's fic, yours most definitely included :)

Don't worry, Apsara, you've posted within the last year so I'm not de-friending you. :)

Ooo, I'd lost touch with 'Watching for Wolves'. I'd like to read it, please.

Hi, Nundu! :)

Here's Part One! I will be uploading the other parts soon.

Parts Two and Three have been uploaded! Please check the masterlist for the update! :)

Do you have a tumblr? I spend the majority of my fun internet time over there.

Tons of people have abandoned LJ for Tumblr and/or Twitter and/or FB. Even Pininterst is drawing some people away.

You should clean up your friend list. Only keep the active people. I drop people who disappear for an extensive period of time.

Yeah, my Tumblr is Xing Shining. :)

I know a lot of people have abandoned LJ for Tumblr and other places, but I dislike FB because of its dominance and I don't think there's any of the others offer you the same privacy that LJ does, or the space for discussion.

*puppy whine* I've not updated in a while because of school but I'm still here!

Please don't defriend me. I don't really post on LJ but have it to follow people (like you) who are awesome at writing!

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